Truckers in the Freedom Convoy have a message for Justin Trudeau and he’s not going to like it

Members of the Freedom Convoy have been making headlines with their message to the world that they’ve had it with the tyrannical vaccine mandates.

They’re not going to continue to sit back and have their livelihoods destroyed while elected officials rest easy in their ivory towers.

And now, the truckers in the Freedom Convoy have a message for Justin Trudeau and he’s not going to like it.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a coward.

There is really no other way to describe a man who should be leading his country but is instead hiding in an undisclosed location because he’s scared of some protestors.

Peaceful protestors, by the way, despite what the Fake News Media is trying to make the world believe.

Breitbart News interviewed  Wendy, one of the activists in Ottawa, who had a message for the cowardly Prime Minister.

“I’ve been saying for a bit – almost jokingly – for Trudeau to come and say these things to our face, and I heard a couple of truckers say that. Trudeau, we want you to come and talk to us. You owe us that. You’re our leader, and you need to come and figure it out. You need to talk to us and you need to address the people that are here to see you,” Wendy stated.

Trudeau, like so many other elected officials around the world, is beside himself because his people are refusing to bow down to his authoritarian dictates.

Canada has some of the most stringent COVID regulations in the world and these activists want Trudeau to know that it ends here.

Justin Trudeau, like his counterpart Joe Biden, is on a power trip, but like many of the elitist tyrants in the world that used COVID to increase their control, Trudeau realizes his power is slowly slipping away.

It’s not just in Canada or America.

People all over the world are fighting back against the government.

Finland recently saw citizens pour into the streets to protest the authoritarian COVID mandates and Australians have been fighting for months now to just be let out of their homes.

Some of the most powerful men and women in the world have used a virus that, for most is 99% survivable, to give them power – a lot of power.

What is being done to citizens in countries all over the world is the stuff of horror movies and it’s high time people started pushing back.

It remains to be seen what will happen in Canada or the other countries’ mounting protests, but at least these elitist politicians are finally realizing the people have had it.

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