Trey Gowdy made one bold prediction about Joe Biden that left him seething with rage

Trey Gowdy saw plenty of Democrat blunders in Congress.

Even he’s shocked about how bad Joe Biden has been.

And Trey Gowdy made one bold prediction about Joe Biden that left him seething with rage.

Joe Biden is fresh off his first visit to the Middle East of his Presidency, with stops in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

With the national average price for gas still raging at more than $2.00 more than it was when he took office, Biden pressed the Saudis to increase oil production to save his political bacon.

On his Fox News show, Sunday Night in America, former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said that President Biden should expect to receive some “scrutiny” over his Middle Eastern trip.

“President Biden just returned from the Middle East and there was no shortage of issues to confront,” Gowdy explained. “Gas prices are crippling American consumers, so increased OPEC production no doubt came up, which also raises a tough political issue for the president. Why are American energy producers being ostracized while OPEC is being asked to do more?”

While President Biden refuses to unleash American energy production, he went hat-in-hand to Saudi Arabia to beg them to increase their own production to bring down prices in America.

Biden is abandoning American oil companies and workers with a desperate attempt to court more oil from Saudi Arabia and foreign producers in a bid to lower prices ahead of the Midterm elections.

While the President hoped the Saudis would bail him out, they claim that they are nearly at their capacity for oil production.

“And that was arguably not the toughest issue the President faced in Saudi Arabia, the toughest issue may have been navigating America’s need for Saudi Arabia as an ally against Iran,” Gowdy continued. “While also bringing up the reality that our intelligence community believes Saudi Arabia ordered the murder and subsequent dismembering of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”

During his Presidential campaign, Biden declared that he’d treat Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” country for their alleged involvement in Khashoggi’s death and other human rights issues.

After a good relationship under President Trump, the Biden presidency has seen an increase in tensions with Saudi Arabia over Biden’s “pariah” comment.

The corporate-controlled media and Left hyperventilated when President Biden fist bumped with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, demanding that he take a harder line against the Saudis over Khashoggi’s death.

This tense relationship with the Saudis over human rights issues put Biden in an awkward position for someone wanting to ask them to save his Presidency and Democrats’ election hopes by producing more oil – which he has repeatedly vowed to completely end.

“Being President is a hard job,” Gowdy said. “There are economic issues, security issues, energy issues, and there is also the obligation to stand for something morally, like not killing members of the press for example.”

“It’s a tough job, which is why so few of us raise our hands and volunteer for it,” he continued. “But when you do raise your hand and say ‘pick me to be the leader of the free world,’ you can expect some scrutiny. And that’s exactly what President Biden is getting.”

Joe Biden’s bumbling visit to the Middle East left him taking flak from the Left and the Right in a rare instance of unified criticism. 

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