Trey Gowdy had a reality check for Dr. Fauci that every American needs to hear

Dr. Fauci is drunk with power.

It is long past out of control.

And now, Trey Gowdy had a reality check for Dr. Fauci that every American needs to hear.

Dr. Fauci fumed over a federal judge’s decision striking down Joe Biden’s public transportation mask mandate.

In interviews on CNN+ and CBS, Dr. Fauci complained that public health orders should not be subject to Constitutional checks and balances such as judicial review.

Trey Gowdy had a message for Dr. Fauci and other leftists complaining about the judge’s order.

On his Sunday night Fox News program, Gowdy wondered where it said people voted for the Centers for Disease Control to make public policy.

Gowdy explained that the public votes for Congress and the President and that is where these decisions should be made.

“The CDC thinks you should wear a mask on planes or trains or mass transit. If you’re wondering when you voted on the Centers for Disease Control, you did not. You do vote on Congress, and that is who should make these decisions. But Congress abdicated its authority to the CDC, as it has abdicated its authority in other realms,” Gowdy began.

Gowdy added that one reason judges now hand down so many rulings that effectively make policy in America is because Congress abdicated its law making power and now most governing at the federal level comes via executive order and through bureaucratic regulations.

“In a perfect world, federal judges would not have to decide whether masks should be worn on public transportation. Judges are smart, for the most part, but they’re not infectious disease experts. There’s a reason they went to law school and not medical school. But more and more issues are put before our courts because those who are supposed to govern, do not. They abdicate. The Biden Administration has decided to appeal this ruling risking the continued wrath of those who are sick of wearing masks,” Gowdy added.

Gowdy then dinged Democrats, the corporate-controlled media, and law professors for huffing and puffing that Donald Trump criticizing rulings he didn’t like represented a threat to the independent judiciary when leftists spent the last week screaming and yelling about a judge in Florida ending the public transportation mask mandate.

“Well, the media and Democrats and law professors, assuming that’s not redundant, have been unsparing in their criticism of this judge. Apparently, that whole respect for the judiciary thing only counts when they like the ruling. I don’t want federal judges setting public health or immigration or national security policy for the country, but they shouldn’t have to. That’s Congress’ job. If only they would do it,” Gowdy concluded.

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