This Virginia school district is fighting to suspend a teacher over this ridiculous reason

The radical Left is trying to turn elementary schools into indoctrination camps.

Parents and teachers are up in arms.

And now this Virginia school district is fighting to suspend a teacher over this ridiculous reason.

Local school board meetings across the country have been ground zero of the culture wars for the past few months.

Liberals and their allies in the corporate-controlled media are promoting the teaching of Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) and forcing students and teachers to accommodate “transgender” children in elementary schools.

But one teacher in Loudoun County had enough of the leftist indoctrination of school children and had to speak out.

P.E. teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross was recently suspended from Loudoun County Public Schools after he criticized a policy proposal that would force teachers to address students by their “preferred pronouns.”

According to NBC News, Cross said “he would not ‘affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa’ because it goes against his religious beliefs.”

He also said he was “speaking out of love for those who suffer from gender dysphoria” and have realized they do not want to transition into the opposite sex anymore.

After these common-sense statements by Cross, the Loudoun County school board promptly suspended him for his “insensitive comments” and “engaging in conduct that was ‘disruptive’ to school operations.”

After Cross sued Loudoun County Public Schools for wrongful termination, the judge agreed and ordered the school system to immediately reinstate him to his job. 

Suspending Cross for his comments is a blatant violation of Cross’ right to Freedom of Speech, but Loudoun County Public Schools is appealing the court’s ruling without providing any reason why.

It seems like the leftists in charge of teaching our children are snuffing out all dissenters so they can brainwash kids into believing their dangerous ideologies.

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