This top Biden official’s insane proposal to destroy the U.S. military will leave you hopping mad

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels (CC0)

Joe Biden is tearing apart the country piece by piece.

His regime is implementing nonsensical policies at an alarming rate.

Now a top Biden official wants to destroy the military with one insane proposal.

Democrats and globalist ruling class elites have completely bought into the radical environmentalism push, even at the destruction of the world’s economies.

The war in Ukraine forced Germany, and other European countries, to rethink their ill-conceived move away from nuclear energy.

Despite the cost-effectiveness and abundance of fossil fuels, the Biden regime is committed to wrecking the economy in pursuit of “green” technology.

During a Senate hearing, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that she wanted the United States military to transition to a full fleet of electric vehicles by 2030.

“Do you support the military adopting that EV fleet by 2030?” Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) asked.

“I do, and I think we can get there as well,” Granholm responded. “And I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally-traded fossil fuels where we know that global events, such as the war in Ukraine, can jack up prices for people back home – it does not contribute to energy security. I think energy security is achieved when we have homegrown, clean energy that is abundant, like you see in Iowa. We think that we can be a leader globally in how we have become energy-independent.”

This is absurd on multiple levels.

First, it’s preposterous to believe the military can have an EV fleet in only seven years.

Second, that would be incredibly inefficient – there aren’t charging stations in the middle of the desert, and batteries run down much quicker for heavy machinery, like military vehicles.

Third, mining for the rare earth metals needed to produce the batteries is not at all environmentally friendly, and countries use veritable slave labor to produce the conflict minerals.

Finally, going fully electric would make the United States even more reliant on Communist China because they have near-total control over the mining and refinement of the rare earth metals needed for electric vehicles.

And if China invades Taiwan, the Communist nation will have a near monopoly on the chip manufacturing industry.

Nothing about Democrats’ radical left-wing push for “green” energy makes sense.

The incentives are artificial, and they don’t even produce the desired effect.

At some point, reality will have to win out.

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