This sixth grader read one book at a school board meeting that will leave you red with rage

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Radical leftists are quickly marching into the mainstream.

Now they’re overtly attempting to indoctrinate children.

And this sixth grader read one book at a school board meeting that will leave you red with rage.

Parents around the country have become activated upon learning what their children are being taught in government schools.

Many parents were horrified when they caught wind of their children’s Zoom lessons during COVID.

Kids were being force-fed lessons infused with the Left’s Marxist indoctrination efforts, like Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology.

Left-wing radicals target children because they’re easier to mold and shape with these bad ideas.

Democrats have gone to great lengths to force their radical ideas into government schools’ curriculum, and they have pushed back defiantly against parents who dare to object to the indoctrination.

In essence, Democrats have turned parents into a powerful voting bloc.

That’s why school boards have become flashpoints in the culture war.

And a sixth grader recently stood up during one Maine school board meeting to show first-hand just how radical America’s government schools have become.

Eleven-year-old Knox Zajac read a page from the book Nick and Charlie, which was written by rabid left-wing radical Alice Oseman and put on display in the front of his middle school library.

Oseman identifies as “aromantic asexual,” and uses she/her as well as they/them pronouns.

These are the people “educating” your children.

Zajac read a passage that followed, “My back over my hips. I asked if he should take his clothes off. He was saying yes before I finished my sentence. He’s pulling off my T-shirt, laughing when I can’t undo his shirt buttons. He’s undoing my belt. I’m reaching into his bedside drawer for a condom.”

The sixth grader explained that the librarian even asked him if he wanted the graphic novel version of the book, presumably with pornographic-inspired images.

Zajac’s father, Adam, also addressed the board.

“This is bullsh*t,” the father said. “We do not need to be having literature that is showing boys how to suck d*ck… [Y]ou may think the schools know what’s best for our children. You know who knows best for our children? The parents.”

The fact that Nick and Charlie was on display in a middle school library is simply absurd.

And it’s not just this one isolated situation – there are many books with similar descriptions of graphic sex aimed at children sitting in government school libraries across the nation.

Democrats have defended these books on free speech grounds, but that is a ridiculous argument.

Public school libraries are not the Library of Alexandria – they do not and cannot contain every single book ever written.

Someone has to curate the collection, so parents, or taxpayers, or Governors, or state legislators, ultimately decide what goes on the shelves.

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