This shocking poll showed Democrats’ polling lead disappearing overnight

Corporate-controlled media pundits spent all summer crowing about Democrats defying history in the Midterm election.

But left-wing talking heads may have jumped the gun.

And this shocking poll showed Democrats’ polling lead disappearing overnight.

Last week, the Economist/YouGov poll found Democrats leading Republicans by five points on the Congressional generic ballot.

Fast forward one week, and YouGov now shows a tied race.

When the Economist/YouGov poll actually surveyed likely 2022 voters on how they’ll vote in November, the GOP led by one point.

The trend of likely voters — rather than just the registered voters most polls utilize — moving towards the GOP matched the results of a brand new ABC/Washington Post poll, which showed Republicans leading Democrats by five points among likely voters.

New York Times pollster Nate Cohn wrote that the polling shift towards the GOP was matched by a change in voter sentiment towards issues more favorable to Republicans.

Google searches for crime, immigration, and the economy – issues in which Republicans lead Democrats by large margins – outpaced those for abortion and the January 6 hearings, which obviously form the backbone of Democrats’ campaign message.

“But with six weeks until this November’s Midterm elections, there are a few signs that the political winds may have begun to blow in a different direction — one that might help Republicans over the final stretch,” Cohn wrote. “The political spotlight may be drifting back toward issues where Republicans have an advantage, like the economy and immigration.”

“It can be difficult to discern these kinds of subtle shifts in the national mood, but Google Search trends offer a decent rough measure,” he continued.” For the first time since the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Google searches for the economy and immigration have overtaken searches about abortion. Searches for democracy or the Jan. 6 hearings have also fallen.”

Historically in Midterm elections, as Election Day approaches, the political environment grows more favorable for the party out of power.

Now that the public is focusing on the housing market and stock market collapses – Americans have collectively lost over $7 trillion in wealth since Joe Biden took office – the illegal alien invasion at the southern border, and rampant crime in Democrat-run cities, the polling data is shifting towards Republicans.

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