This shocking new poll revealed a truth about Trump the Fake News Media doesn’t want you to know

Donald Trump looks like he will be a candidate for President in 2024.

That reality set off alarm bells on the Left.

And this shocking new poll revealed a truth about Trump the Fake News Media doesn’t want you to know.

One of the accepted “truths” the Fake News Media, Democrats, and even establishment Republicans try to beat into the heads of Republican voters is that former President Donald Trump cannot win a General Election.

But that is not true.

The latest evidence came from a Harvard-Harris CAPS poll showing Donald Trump leading both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris by four and seven points respectively in potential 2024 matchups.

“The poll found that if the 2024 election were held today, 45 percent of respondents would vote for Trump in a race against Biden, who attracted the support of 41 percent of respondents, while 14 percent were unsure or didn’t know,” The Hill reported. “In a hypothetical Trump-Harris match-up, Trump’s lead expands to 7 percentage points. Forty-seven percent said they would support Trump, compared to 40 percent for Harris and 13 percent who were unsure or didn’t know.”

Harvard-Harris CAPS poll co-director Mark Penn explained that Biden is a historically weak incumbent President, and that Donald Trump – after losing the popular vote twice – would win this time around against Joe Biden.

“Biden is a very weak Democratic nominee and would lose even the popular vote in a rematch today,” Penn stated. “Trump is far from 50 percent support, and there is a high undecided vote despite everyone knowing the candidates, because the public wants new over more of the same.”

The Harvard-Harris CAPS poll came one day after a Rasmussen survey found Trump leading President Biden by six points, 46% to 40%.

Real Clear Politics’ polling average shows Trump leading Biden, 45% to 42%.

The idea Donald Trump cannot win a General Election or would enter 2024 as an underdog to Joe Biden is just simply not true.

Trump being “unelectable” is the type of left-wing conventional wisdom that congeals into a supposed truth even though there is no basis in reality for it.

The public sees Joe Biden as a failed President and most Americans remember that when Donald Trump was President the economy boomed, the stock market soared, and there was no threat of global nuclear war.

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