This rising NFL star made one statement after an improbable comeback that will make Christians stand and cheer

Photo by Adrian Curiel from Unsplash

Democrats have worked hard to secularize American culture.

But people of faith still have a voice.

And this Rising NFL star made one statement after an improbable comeback that will make Christians stand and cheer.

The San Francisco 49ers are on their way back to the Super Bowl to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas.

The 49ers are appearing in the big game for the eighth time as a franchise and the second time under current head coach Kyle Shanahan.

The 49ers lost a heartbreaker to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl four years ago and have been fighting to make it back.

In order to return to the big game, the 49ers had to get through the Detroit Lions, who had never been to the Super Bowl and had not been in the NFC Championship Game in 32 years.

The Lions led 24-7 at halftime, but the 49ers orchestrated an unbelievable comeback to win 34-31.

The comeback was led by quarterback Brock Purdy, who became the third youngest quarterback to start a Super Bowl.

On the dais after the big win, Purdy, a devout Christian, gave all glory to God.

Prior to that game, no NFL team had overcome a 17-point deficit in a conference championship game in league history.

Purdy’s journey to the Super Bowl has been almost stranger than fiction.

Purdy was the last player selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, earning the moniker “Mr. Irrelevant” by being selected 262nd overall.

Each year, that year’s “Mr. Irrelevant” is invited to festivities in Newport Beach, California, and also receives a trip to Disneyland.

But those players who are the last pick in the draft rarely, if ever have impactful careers – prior to Purdy, no “Mr. Irrelevant” ever even attempted a pass in an NFL game.

But Purdy is currently a finalist for league MVP and was the betting favorite to win the award until a poor game late in the season on Christmas night.

During a press conference, Purdy was asked about his journey to the Super Bowl, and he made one statement that will have Christians cheering.

“Honestly, I think it’s just a testament to God and where He’s taken me in life,” Purdy declared. “I’ve never been the biggest, the fastest, the strongest, or any of that. I feel like I’ve always had to sort of fight for what I get and work for what I get. But God’s always given me an opportunity, whether that was in high school, college and then obviously in the NFL.”

“Getting drafted last, people overlook you and all that kind of stuff, and then all you need is an opportunity and watch and see what He does,” he added. “I put my faith and trust in Him and He’s gotten me where I’m at.”

The 49ers are currently a slight 2-point favorite over the Chiefs, who are the defending Super Bowl champions.