This radio host lost her job after she admitted the truth about her interview with Joe Biden

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden is clearly suffering from rapidly declining physical and cognitive abilities.

But he refuses to see the writing on the wall and still believes he can convince Americans that he is perfectly fine.

But this radio host lost her job after she admitted the truth about her interview with Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden’s public appearances have been few and far between since he first began campaigning for the Presidency back in 2019, especially over the past year or so.

After his disastrous debate performance, Americans started asking if Biden’s handlers have been trying to hide his significantly diminished physical and cognitive state from voters with the limited public appearances.

Biden continues to refuse to drop out of the race and promised to make an effort to appear more in public.

As part of his promise President Biden phoned in for an interview with Andrea Lawful-Sanders on WURD’s The Source.

“President Joe Biden appeared on WURD Radio for an exclusive interview with Andrea Lawful-Sanders, host of The Source, to address concerns about his performance in the June 27 debate that left many wondering whether he is fit to be the Democratic nominee in this year’s presidential election versus former President Donald Trump,” WURD wrote in a release. “The interview, recorded on July 3, aired the following morning – the fourth of July – at 6 a.m.,” WURD continued. “It was Biden’s first media appearance after the debate, and the president directly addressed concerns about his performance and fitness for office.” 

Even though he did the interview over the phone, Biden’s cognitive decline was on full display for every listener to hear.

At one point, Biden claimed to be the first black woman to serve as Vice President, and followed it up by claiming he was the first black woman on the Supreme Court.

“By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman, to serve with a black president,” he told host Andrea Lawful-Sanders. “I’m proud of the first black woman on the Supreme Court.” 

Biden also claimed to be “the first president elected statewide” in Delaware when he “was a kid.”

“I remember as a Catholic kid growing up in an area where we didn’t like Catholics,” he said. “I’m the first President elected statewide in the state of Delaware, when I was a kid.”

In the 14-minute interview, Biden attempted to make his case to black voters as to why they need to support him in November.

On Saturday, Lawful-Sanders appeared on CNN’s First of All to discuss her Biden interview with host Victor Blackwell.

Civic Media’s Earl Ingram, who also interviewed Biden, appeared alongside Lawful-Sanders for the CNN interview.

Blackwell pointed out that he noticed both of them asked Biden the same questions and wanted to know, “Were those questions given to you by the White House. . . or did you have to submit questions ahead of the interview?”

Lawful-Sanders told the truth.

“The questions were sent to me for approval,” she replied. “I approved them.”

“Okay, so the White House sent the questions to you ahead of the interview?” Blackwell fired back.

“Yes,” Lawful-Sanders responded. “And I got several questions, eight of them, and the four that were chosen were the ones that I approved.”

A confused Blackwell pointed out that “if the White House is trying now to prove the vim, vigor, acuity of the President, I don’t know how they do that by sending questions first before the interview so that the President knows what’s coming.”

He didn’t ask Ingram the same question.

But Lawful-Sanders paid a severe price for being honest about her interview with Biden.

According to reports, she was fired from her job for admitting that the Biden regime pre-submitted questions she was allowed to ask Biden.

“HOLY CR*P,” LibsofTikTok wrote. “PA radio station ‘cut ties’ with Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the host who revealed that the White House sent her the questions before interviewing Biden.”

Democrats were already facing an uphill battle.

And now the Democrat Party is on the verge of a massive internal fight with less than 120 days until November 5.