This NBA owner’s blind support for one woke policy may have just opened him up to major legal troubles

Photo by Wallace Chuck from Pexels

Many public figures are obsessed with virtue-signaling their woke bona fides.

They know what type of statements will get them the attention they crave.

But this NBA owner’s blind support for one woke policy may have just opened him up to major legal troubles.

Dallas Mavericks minority owner Mark Cuban stepped into some hot water.

Recently, Cuban has been on a kick promoting the benefits of the woke trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI).

Cuban engaged in a back-and-forth on social media with X owner Elon Musk over DEI – the Tesla and SpaceX founder argued that DEI was anti-meritocratic and discriminatory.

Cuban said that he was a big supporter of DEI, but his support for the woke scheme may have violated an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) law.

“I’ve never hired anyone based exclusively on race, gender, religion,” Cuban claimed on X. “I only ever hire the person that will put my business in the best position to succeed. And yes, race and gender can be part of the equation. I view diversity as a competitive advantage. Now how would you propose finding organizations that give preference to white people? Why aren’t you working as hard to show examples of white preference as you are DEI ? You claim to abhor both.”

Regarding Cuban’s muddled argument, companies are not boasting about their preference for white employees.

The thought alone is outrageous.

Worse yet, Cuban was handed a reality check by EEOC Commissioner Andrea Lucas.

“EEOC Commissioner here,” Lucas wrote in reply. “Unfortunately you’re dead wrong on black-letter Title VII law. As a general rule, race/sex can’t even be a ‘motivating factor’ — nor a plus factor, tie-breaker, or tipping point. It’s important employers understand the ground rules here.”

Cuban quickly shut up after being scolded.

“The equity part of it indicates race-based motivation, not across the board,” Lucas further explained on Fox Business. “Not everyone understands that. Equity sounds nice, it sounds like fairness, but equity is very focused on equity of outcome, not equality of opportunity. And, as I like to say, we’re the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, not the ‘Equitable Outcomes Commission.’ Big, big distinction between equity and equality.”

Democrats have married themselves to DEI, so civil rights lawsuits could be a necessary corrective.

Mark Cuban might be the canary in the coalmine.

His post on X could be used against him in a civil suit.

The more people understand about DEI, the less they like it.