This leading left-wing intellectual says he wants to do something unspeakable to the unvaccinated

Joe Biden and the Democrats have been disastrous on policy.

Since the Left have nothing to campaign on, they’re doubling down on COVID tyranny.

And this leading left-wing intellectual says he wants to do something unspeakable to the unvaccinated.

Renowned linguist Noam Chomsky essentially wants to put unvaccinated Americans in camps and starve them.

Chomsky, a self-described anarcho-syndicalist, which is a fancy name for a communist, tried to analogize disobeying traffic lights to refusing to get the COVID vaccine.

Even fellow leftists like Max Blumenthal called out Chomsky for his authoritarian nonsense.

Chomsky’s COVID Holodomor doesn’t even make sense because the people who oppose the vaccines the strongest also tend to be essential to supply chains.

Farmers and truckers are far less likely to be aligned with Chomsky’s line of thinking.

But leftist intellectuals in echo chambers often fail to realize just how much their comfortable lifestyles are supported by the blue-collar workers they both disdain and use as mascots for their Big Government schemes.

Blumenthal, Glenn Greenwald, and a handful of other prominent old-school liberals have opposed the authoritarianism of the Biden administration, the COVID regime, and the nexus of the corporate-controlled press and the Deep State.

But others like Chomsky have gone full-blown authoritarian in the era of Trump, and now in the era of COVID.

Chomsky has sounded more like an establishment shill over the past few years.

Once a stalwart antiwar advocate, Chomsky even supported leaving troops in Syria when Donald Trump wanted to bring them home.

The COVID regime is obliterating human liberty, and a huge chunk of the Left are simply going along with it.

It’s disturbing to see, but it proves that many of them were authoritarians the entire time – they just wanted to be the ones controlling the levers of centralized power. 

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