This latest poll shows Democrats are in hot water and quickly losing this key voting bloc

Joe Biden knows he’s in trouble.

Biden’s approval rating is in the toilet, and he continues to do things that are only making Americans more furious with him.

And this latest poll shows Democrats are in hot water and quickly losing this key voting bloc.

The independent vote is one that always has folks guessing and it’s one that could give one party an advantage when it needs it most.

Right now, it looks like the party with advantage is the GOP.

A recent poll shows self-described independent voters leaning towards the Republicans by a margin of 18 percentage points.

That’s pretty remarkable.

The poll done by John Zogby Strategies was released last week and it found that 45 percent of independents want the GOP in charge of the House and Senate in 2022.

Only 27 percent of independents who were polled want Democrats to keep the majority and the remaining 28 percent said they were undecided at the moment.

This is huge news for the Republican party.

The same survey showed Republicans holding a three-point advantage on the generic Congressional ballot.

“In my four decades of polling, Democrats need about a five percentage-point advantage [in] nationwide Congressional preference in order to maintain a majority of Congress,” pollster John Zogby said in a statement.

It’s looking more and more likely that Republicans will absolutely sweep in the 2022 midterms, but one must always keep in mind that the American public has a short term memory, so if Biden does something “good” in the next eleven months this could all change.

This same poll showed that 52 percent of the people interviewed believe Biden is doing a poor job as President.

Of that 52 percent, 40 percent said they “strongly” disapprove of Biden’s performance.

“Biden’s overall numbers are borderline at 46 percent, but with 40 percent strong disapproval, his room for growth is severely limited,” Zogby said.

As the White House continues to try and save themselves from the disastrous first year, Biden seems oblivious to his poor approval rating.

And with Democrats unable to get Biden’s socialist spending bill through their own party, it doesn’t look likely that the party will see any upswing in its ratings soon.

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