This GOP lawmaker has concerns about law enforcement agencies being weaponized to do this to the American people

Joe Biden promised not to politicize the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

He lied.

And this GOP lawmaker has concerns about law enforcement agencies being weaponized to do this to the American people.

Representative Rick Crawford, a Republican of Arkansas, sits on the counterterrorism and counterintelligence panel of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Crawford, not one to make headlines often, had something to say the other day about how the FBI and CIA are being used.

“Our concern is that the FBI, being a preeminent counterterrorism agency, along with the CIA [and NSA], that those assets could be turned inward to target U.S. citizens without a foreign nexus,” the Congressman stated.

The Biden administration has waged war on the American people and they’re not letting up.

If a citizen of the United States does not agree with Joe Biden and his radical leftist agenda, they are deemed the enemy.

“You have people that are ramping up the rhetoric on domestic violent extremism … to sort of make the case for and essentially justify the misuse, potentially, of intelligence assets that are specifically authorized for foreign threats,” Crawford continued.

Joe Biden has recently doubled down on his efforts to combat the so-called “threats” that followed the January 6 event.

He continues to politicize the DOJ and send his puppet Attorney General Merrick Garland to arrest innocent Americans.

Just the past summer Homeland Security was referring to people who protested the tyrannical COVID lockdowns as terrorists.

Joe Biden wants the American people to be in lockstep with his agenda, and if they’re not he will send the authorities after you.

If that doesn’t sniff of a communist takeover and then nothing does.

According to a recent report, the FBI has 2,700 “domestic extremism investigations” open, which is more than double the usual number of cases.

The Left wants to take complete control of the country and the people, and they are not afraid to do it by force.

More lawmakers like Crawford need to be willing to call it what it is: weaponizing government agencies against the American people.

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