This Fox News host crossed an unthinkable line and now owes everyone a big apology

Fox News viewers could not believe what they were watching.

It was one of the worst betrayals that they could ever imagine.

And this Fox News host crossed an unthinkable line and now owes everyone a big apology.

The Supreme Court appears set to overturn Roe v. Wade.

That would end nationwide abortion on demand in America, and allow pro-Life states to ban the practice.

On Tuesday’s episode of Fox News’ The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld asked fellow co-host Jesse Watters about the impending Supreme Court decision.

Watters began by noting that the Supreme Court is only in position to overturn Roe v. Wade because Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election and appointed three Justices to the bench, which angers the left-wing outrage mob to this day.

“These were supposed to be [Hillary Clinton’s] three Supreme Court nominations,” Watters stated explaining that liberals thought Hillary Clinton was going to win in 2016 and fill those seats. 

“Trump got them instead. That’s why we have this opinion.” he continued. “I think it was someone that said, I don’t remember, Greg, elections have consequences. Have you heard that one before?”

But then Watters veered into territory that horrified many Fox News viewers.

Watters claimed overturning Roe v. Wade was no big deal, and promoted the idea of women driving an hour across state lines to abort babies.

“If something comes down from this Court, you might have to, if you practice unsafe sex, drive an hour across state lines to get an abortion,” Watters stated. “It’s being overblown a little bit, let’s just keep this in perspective.”

Abortion is one issue where the corporate-controlled media lines up lock, stock, and barrel behind the Left’s unrestricted, abortion on demand agenda.

Fox News exists to push back on the left-wing narratives that regularly seep into the public conversation thanks to the Fake News Media’s overwhelming leftist bias.

Watters came across more like a MSNBC or CNN host who wears a pink hat and protests against that “evil” Donald Trump.

Many conservatives were also appalled by the callousness of Watters’ remarks.

Pro-life Trump supporters understand that abortion ends a human life, but Watters casually dismissed the consequences of abortion as if the baby in question was just some disposable “clump of cells,” as radical leftists have put it.

This type of left-wing commentary is simply not why viewers tune in to Fox News.

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