This devastating new poll number sent Democrats running for their lives

The Midterm elections are just over 30 days away.

It’s time for Americans to focus on the choice before them.

And this devastating new poll number sent Democrats running for their lives.

Even CNN admitted the political landscape is turning against Democrats.

Beyond the fact that polling in individual Senate races and the generic Congressional ballot shifted towards Republicans, CNN election analyst Harry Enten pointed to the results of one question Gallup has asked Americans since 1946 as the best predictor of what will happen in the Midterm election.

In a piece for, Enten noted the fact that Republicans hold their biggest lead since 1946 on the question of which party voters thought would better address their number one issue.

“Gallup’s latest data shows that 48% of Americans believe the Republican Party is best equipped, while 37% believe it is the Democratic Party,” Enten wrote. “This 11-point Republican edge is one of the best they have ever had. Looking at 20 midterm elections since 1946 when this question was asked, only once has the Republican Party had a larger advantage on this question. That was in 1946 when Republicans had a 17 point lead on the Democrats.”

The 11-point lead Republicans hold in 2022 is their largest since holding a 17-point lead on that question in 1946, which presaged a GOP landslide that fall.

Enten pointed to the historical data showing Republicans winning big majorities when they led Democrats on the question of better addressing voters’ number one issue.

“Take a look at all elections since 1946 in which there was a Democratic president,” Enten added. “Republicans ended up with 230 seats on average in the five elections when they led on the question of who Americans trusted more on the issue most important to them. This included 1946 when they won 246 seats.”

“In the four elections when Republicans trailed on this question, they won an average of just 189 seats,” he continued. “This included both 1962 and 1998, which are the two elections in the polling era with a Democratic president when Republicans had a net gain of less than five seats. Democrats need to keep Republicans to a net gain of less than five seats to maintain control of the House after November’s elections.”

Many in the corporate-controlled media believed there was a summertime polling surge that positioned Democrats to keep control of both the U.S. House and Senate.

But the latest polling data from Gallup shows that was likely wishful thinking.

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