This Democrat has egg on his face after exposing himself as a hypocrite while trying to blame Republicans for Biden’s border crisis

John Ramspott from Oxford, GA, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s handling of the border crisis he created has been shameful.

The Left have not come up with any successful propaganda campaign on the issue.

And now, this Democrat has egg on his face after exposing himself as a hypocrite while trying to blame Republicans for Biden’s border crisis.

The Democrat Party has become utterly shameless in its attacks on those who simply disagree with their radical woke agenda.

Democrats will say and do just about anything to further their objectives.

And Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) stooped to a new low to blame Republicans for President Joe Biden’s out-of-control border crisis.

First, during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Johnson accused the GOP of wanting to reinstitute slavery.

“I mean, if you could get back to slavery you would gladly do so, but if you could pay people a dollar an hour you would settle for that,” Johnson said. “And that’s the race to the bottom that we have with immigrants lined up at the border trying to get in to go to work.”

“And my Republican friends talk about how they don’t like that, how it’s a crisis, but yet they savor it… because they know that it means cheap labor for the companies that they represent and that support them with campaign contributions coming here,” he continued.

While some open borders RINOs certainly want a cheap labor force to help their donors’ massive corporations make even bigger profits while working class Americans struggle, that is not the position of America First conservatives.

It was Democrats who stymied Trump’s efforts to secure the border at every turn.

President Biden inexplicably reversed all of his predecessor’s effective border security policies as soon as he took office.

But Johnson bizarrely undercut his own argument by arguing that illegal immigration is a necessity because without it there would be no farm hands, janitors, construction workers, or maintenance workers, seemingly indicating that he only believes immigrants are capable of doing blue collar jobs most Americans feel they’re too good for.

“Those folks that are coming across are the ones who are helping to put food on our table; without them we’re not able to eat,” Johnson added. “If you turn them away, if all of them were turned away and this legislation passed making it easier to get at people who are already here legally — and you have no immigration — then we would have no food on our plates; we would have nobody taking care of the building, the construction of our homes; we wouldn’t have anybody cleaning up in the hospitals, you know, honest work that deserves an honest day’s pay.”

Tone-deaf Democrats always make this ridiculous argument.

Those are jobs that can go to American citizens, particularly those who are younger and trying to build their resume for better job opportunities.

The idea that Americans would not want construction jobs is absurd.

Democrats’ position on immigration is illogical, and they know it.

That’s why they have to resort to propaganda and ad hominem attacks.

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