This candidate for Congress just reminded veterans their mission isn’t over

Photo by The White House, via Wikimedia, public domain

America is in a tight spot. Besides the ongoing invasion at the southern border, we have a sitting President who can barely put two sentences together in a coherent manner. 

Joe Biden’s apparent mental decline is not just embarrassing but also puts America and America’s interests behind his pride, which should not shock anybody. 

But during tough times in America’s history strong military veterans have risen to the task and this candidate is calling on veterans to take back their country. 

Americans are growing tired of Joe Biden and his declining mental and physical state 

Nearly every time Joe Biden opens his mouth, he spews out unintelligible nonsense, which many health experts believe could be a symptom of severe mental decline. 

Predictably, many Americans from all walks of life, ages, and political leanings are growing tired of the incumbent president. 

One such American is former United States Army officer Pat Harrigan, who is running for North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District as a Republican. 

Harrigan firmly believes that more veterans should serve as public officials, lamenting Joe Biden’s job performance. 

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Harrigan claimed, “I’m incredibly concerned for the future of our country. With the fall of Afghanistan – being a West Point graduate and a former Green Beret who spent a little over 18 months in Afghanistan – I honestly could not believe how we could have a criminally incompetent chief executive lead the exit and lead the failure of Afghanistan the way that it happened.”

He added, “It’s just absolutely catastrophic for America… We have to go to Washington and make some change and make it very quickly, or this world is going to devolve into a place that I don’t think any American has ever truly experienced.”

Harrigan is running to fill Congressman Patrick McHenry’s seat after McHenry announced his retirement.  

In 2022, McHenry won his race handily, winning a total of 72.59% of the vote.  Many experts believe that McHenry has a high chance of winning his race on Election Day this November.

McHenry made it clear to Fox News Digital that he believes that more veterans should run for office saying, “If we don’t have veterans at the helm, if we just have more go along to get along, same old, same old lawyers, term career politicians who are just climbing the political ladder to the next level in Washington, D.C., we’re going to have the same old problems that we’ve always had.”

Joe Biden faces stiff odds for reelection with Election Day looming 

As it stands, Joe Biden faces an uphill battle in his quest to win reelection this November. 

Nearly every poll shows him trailing behind his likely competitor Donald Trump, with some polls showing Trump leading by as much as 8%. 

According to RealClearPolitics, Donald Trump leads Joe Biden on average by 4.3% in eight head-to-head polls, which is well outside of the margin of error for most polls.

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