This Biden regime official couldn’t get out of her own way as one “green” road trip ended in total disaster

Photo by Geralt via Pixabay

Democrats have become zealots about climate change.

They honestly believe they can stop Earth’s climate from changing over time for the first time in the history of the universe by simply passing their environmental extremist agenda.

And this Biden regime official couldn’t get out of her own way as one “green” road trip ended in total disaster.

Biden’s Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm is one of the more outspoken left-wing environmental extremists in Washington, D.C.

Granholm has even gone so far as to voice her support for making every single motorized vehicle in the U.S. military into an all-electric vehicle fleet.

“I do [support an EV fleet], and I think we can get there as well,” Granholm previously said. “And I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally-traded fossil fuels where we know that global events, such as the war in Ukraine, can jack up prices for people back home — it does not contribute to energy security.”

“I think energy security is achieved when we have homegrown, clean energy that is abundant like you see in Iowa,” she added. “We think that we can be a leader globally in how we have become energy-independent.”

But of course, simply making every vehicle in America into an electric vehicle won’t actually make any impact on carbon emissions – which Democrats claim is the driving force behind climate change – as the majority of the energy used to power the U.S. electric grid is created by burning fossil fuels.

And it’s incredibly difficult to believe that it will be possible for the U.S. military to have an all-EV fleet without giving up significant military strength in the process when Granholm herself can’t even complete an EV road trip with her staff without running into issues.

The police were actually called on Granholm’s advance team after her staffers used a gas-powered vehicle to block a spot at an EV charging station to ensure the Secretary could come in and charge her vehicle without waiting in line, as one of the chargers at the station was out of commission.

“Granholm’s entourage at times had to grapple with the limitations of the present,” NPR reported. “Like when her caravan of EVs—including a luxury Cadillac Lyriq, a hefty Ford F-150, and an affordable Bolt electric utility vehicle—was planning to fast-charge in Grovetown, a suburb of Augusta, Georgia.”

“Her advance team realized there weren’t going to be enough plugs to go around,” the report added. “One of the station’s four chargers was broken, and others were occupied. So an Energy Department staffer tried parking a nonelectric vehicle by one of those working chargers to reserve a spot for the approaching secretary of energy.”

Of course, this underscores one of the biggest issues facing EVs and Democrats’ plan to force every American into them right now.

With electric vehicle technology still in its infancy—roughly comparable to gas-powered vehicle technology from the 1930s or 1940s, as the mass production of EVs is less than 15 years old—the charging infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of EVs is lacking, to say the least.

There simply aren’t enough charging stations to give people close to the same convenience as gas stations, and without enough charging stations, when one is not working properly, it creates a much bigger issue for drivers than when a gas pump is in need of repair.

Long story short, Democrats’ relentless effort to force every working-class American into electric vehicles simply does not match up with reality.

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