These new poll numbers are bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats

In 2020, Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to “unify” the country.

But after nearly four months of being in office, the country is more divided than anytime in recent years.

And these new poll numbers are bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

A Gallup poll conducted last month showed Joe Biden with a 57% approval rating.

Critics quickly noted that a 57% approval rating seemed unusually high for a President whose first four months in office have been one disaster after another.

And a new poll out by the Trafalgar Group – which FiveThirtyEight rates an A- compared to Gallup’s B+ rating – shows the critics may have been right.

The new Trafalgar Group poll, conducted April 30 through May 6, showed Joe Biden with a 47.5% approval rating, a nearly 10-point drop from the Gallup poll conducted a few weeks earlier.

When asked, “How do you think Joe Biden is handling his job as President?” 47.5% of respondents disapproved compared to the 48.3% who approved.

But perhaps the most disturbing number for Joe Biden is the fact that, when likely Democrat voters were asked “what best describes what you would most likely do if Joe Biden were to run for re-election in the 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary?” only 36.7% said they would “absolutely vote for Biden.”

However, when likely Republican voters were asked the same question about Donald Trump, nearly 50% said they would “absolutely” vote for Trump with another 12% saying they would “likely” vote for him, which could spell trouble for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

With the Democrats going all-out to push through their radical agenda without the support of Senate Republicans, Biden’s numbers are likely to drop even more over the next few weeks as voters grow more and more fed up with his administration refusing to address the real problems facing our nation like the flood of illegal immigrants rushing across our border on a daily basis.

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