These GOP Congressmen are pulling out all the stops to block Biden’s administration from prying into your private life

Joe Biden wants to control everything and know everything about you.

Biden and the Democrat Party know that the only way to have absolute power is to be able to track and monitor the activity of each American citizen.

Now these GOP Congressmen are pulling out all the stops to block Biden’s administration from prying into your private life.

It was released a few weeks ago that the Biden administration was working on a plan to force banks to turn over customers’ account information to the IRS.

Under the plan, banks and other financial institutions would be required annually to report customers’ account inflows and outflows of $600 or more to the IRS.

Not surprisingly, the plan is facing push back from individuals, banks, and the Republican Party.

Republicans in Congress have introduced legislation aimed at stopping the IRS snooping proposal by the Biden administration.

Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, recently introduced the Protecting Financial Privacy Act of 2021.

The act would “prohibit any Federal agency from requiring financial institutions to report on the financial transactions of their customers.”

The legislation is aimed at stopping “the Gestapo agency of the IRS” from spying on Americans through their bank accounts, Tuberville told Larry Kudlow on FOX Business.

“They want everything,” the Alabama Republican said of the IRS. “They want to know how much money you got in the bank, how much you’re spending if you bought a wedding dress or a gun –  they’re going to have a list a mile long on you.”

Representative Ashley Hinson of Iowa introduced the companion bill in the House of Representatives.

“The push to include this provision in reconciliation, along with $80 billion to nearly quadruple the IRS budget, is reflective of how backwards Democrat priorities are right now – we need more border agents, not more IRS agents,” the Congresswoman said in a statement.

Of course, with the Democrats in control of the White House and Congress it’s likely a long shot these bills will get through this term.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who not surprisingly supports the snooping, argued in a recent Senate hearing that banks already report some information directly to the IRS, and the agency already has “a wealth of information about individuals.”

The Democrats want control, ultimate control, and digging into people’s private financial lives is one of the easiest ways to gain control.

Joe Biden has stepped over the line one too many times and must be stopped.

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