The woke left-wing outrage mob is licking their chops to dismantle the true story behind this hit Hollywood movie

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Democrats have controlled American culture for decades.

The only thing that’s changed is their extremist minions in the woke Left-wing outrage mob are now calling all of the shots.

And the woke Left-wing outrage mob is licking their chops to dismantle the true story behind this hit Hollywood movie.

The hit 2009 movie, The Blind Side, based on best-selling author Michael Lewis’ book by the same name, was a smashing success.

The film made $309 million and earned two Academy Award nominations – one for Best Picture, and one for Best Actress, which the movie’s star, Sandra Bullock, ultimately won.

The movie was based on the life story of former NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher, who was a teenager growing up in extreme poverty in a dangerous area with a drug-addicted mother and 11 siblings before he was taken in by two of the parents at his school, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, and ultimately grew into one of the top high school football players in the country.

But Oher has taken a sledgehammer to his own feel-good story in what appears to be a desperate money grab, and Democrats’ media allies have been eager to help him.

According to Oher, the Tuohys tricked him into entering into a conservatorship that allowed them to enter into business deals under his name and somehow cheated him out of millions of dollars the film made.

However, based on the available evidence – and even his own past statements on the matter – Oher’s story doesn’t seem to hold up under scrutiny.

As Oher’s own 2011 memoir explained, the conservatorship was put in place so the Tuohys could provide for Oher while he was in college without running afoul of NCAA violations – they had attempted to simply adopt him as a member of their family, but the bureaucratic process was so convoluted, the teenager turned 18 before they were able to do so.

Apparently, the only reason the conservatorship remained in place after he left college was simply because all parties – including Oher – had forgotten it even existed.

Oher also never alleged that the Tuohys meddled with any of the tens of millions of dollars he earned during his eight-year NFL career, which they would have been able to easily do if his accusations around the conservatorship were true.

Oher managed his own contracts, endorsements, and book deals, and received all of the money owed to him directly.

“When did the Tuohys realize their involvement with Oher would lead to a blockbuster movie?” sports journalist Jason Whitlock explained. “When he moved into their home, his academic record was so poor that no Division I college would touch him. Was Sean Tuohy, a former basketball player, such a keen football scout that he instantly recognized that Oher would be a first-round NFL pick?”

As Whitlock pointed out, the timeline does not make sense.

The book that spawned the movie came out in 2006 when Oher was a sophomore in college.

And the book was not solely focused on Oher’s story – he was a big piece of a larger picture of the importance of the left tackle position in football.

“The allegations against the Tuohys are woke revisionist history,” Whitlock continued. “According to attorneys for the Tuohys, Michael Oher has spent the last year or two attempting to blackmail the Tuohys for $15 million, the money he believes he’s owed from the success of ‘The Blind Side.’ A lawyer for the Tuohys released a statement explaining that Oher has repeatedly tried to shake them down for cash. That makes far more sense than the reverse. The Tuohys have been wealthy for many years. They owned a suite of fast-food franchises and sold them for more than $200 million.”

The Tuohys largely took Oher in because they were already wealthy and had the resources to do, and their wealth only increased in recent years after the Tuohys sold their company for what has been reported to be a massive sum – they simply did not need the proceeds from the movie, which were relatively small.

When the average person hears that a movie made $300 million, they think everybody involved got filthy rich, but that’s not how Hollywood works.

It’s the studios that see the overwhelming majority of the profits – even the millions paid to the actors is peanuts by comparison – and those whose movies are based on largely never see more than a few hundred thousand dollars at most.

Unless someone has the clout or leverage to negotiate a percentage of the box office gross, they simply will usually get offered a small percentage of net profits – and that’s before Hollywood employs its notorious accounting practices, which allow all movies to claim they made no profit on paper.

Harry Potter, one of the most successful movie franchises in history, famously “lost” money for Warner Bros. thanks to creative bookkeeping.

If Oher and the Tuohys got net points for the film rights –as most everyone in their position would – then the family is likely correct that there is no hidden money.

A quick look at the books should determine who is telling the truth, and common sense suggests it is not Michael Oher.

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