The woke indoctrination contained within this Law & Order episode will literally melt your brain

Photo by Vinicius Maciel from Pexels

Hollywood’s obsession with woke extremism is only getting worse.

The entire industry has been taken over by militant leftists.

And now the woke indoctrination contained within this Law & Order episode will literally melt your brain.

Various iterations of Law & Order have been on-air since 1990, and throughout most of that time, the show focused on cops and prosecutors who worked together to bring criminals to justice.

But over the years, like all of Hollywood, the show has gone all-in on woke indoctrination.

And a recent episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit perfectly summed up the dangerous impact the woke mindvirus is having on the world.

In the show, a character was raped by a black perpetrator, but she refused to testify against him because of the color of his skin as it could obviously potentially ruin his life – as it should after he ruined the victim’s life.

Lead character Olivia Benson said, “But Natalie, Jay Watson raped you.”

The Natalie character responded by saying that she was simply a privileged white woman and could “afford therapy.”

“Maybe one day, I’ll be okay,” she added. “But if that teenager goes to prison, he may not be, ever. And I don’t want that.”

As preposterous as the scene is, it is an accurate portrayal of the negative impact of the woke mindvirus.

For example, friends of a bakery owner murdered in Oakland during a carjacking said that they did not want the killer to go to prison due to the color of his skin.

Jen Angel, owner of Angel Cakes, was killed after making a bank run.

“We’re committed to carrying out Jen’s legacy and the vision of the world that she pushed every day to create in her daily life, and we know that does not involve moving towards punishment and harm and retrenching racist and damaging practices,” one of the baker’s woke extremist “friends” told reporters. “We’re eager for the district attorney to take that seriously and move towards potential opportunities for restorative justice.”

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk responded to a clip of the Law & Order episode with only double exclamation marks.

At another point in the episode, the rapist explained that he thought he could get away with the crime because he was under the impression that as a black man, he was someone “invisible” in society. 

These warped, woke extremist ideas have now become entrenched in the culture thanks to decades of indoctrination in universities and government schools.

It will take years to unravel the cultural damage done by woke extremists.

This is why it’s so important for working-class Americans to engage in culture because a lot of people form their political opinions based on woke indoctrination in movies and TV shows.