The utter insanity of Stephen King’s latest woke nightmare of a novel will rock you to your core

Photo by National Endowment for the Arts via Wikimedia public domain

Prolific author Stephen King caught a wicked case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He routinely writes screeds against Donald Trump and Republicans.

And the utter insanity of Stephen King’s latest woke nightmare of a novel will rock you to your core.

Acclaimed author Stephen King’s latest novel, Holly, is about as subtle as a jackhammer.

King, an unabashed woke extremist, doesn’t hide his disdain for anyone who dares disagree with Democrats’ woke extremist agenda.

As King likes to remind his readers repeatedly throughout the book, the story’s villains are supporters of former President Donald Trump, who are such monsters they didn’t even take the COVID vaccine — the audacity.

“A dozen died,” King writes in the book. “Holly’s Uncle Henry wasn’t one of them. He didn’t even get sick. He had been double-vaxxed—Charlotte protested but Holly insisted—and although he tested positive, he never got so much as the sniffles. It was Charlotte who died. An avid Trump supporter—a fact she trumpeted to her daughter at every opportunity—she refused to get the vaccinations or even to wear a mask. (Except, that was, at Kroger and her local bank branch, where they were required. The one Charlotte kept for those occasions was a bright red, with MAGA stamped on it.)”

“On July 4th, Charlotte attended an anti-mask rally in the state capital, waving a sign reading MY BODY MY CHOICE (a sentiment that did not keep her from being adamantly anti-abortion),” he added.

“Were people always this insufferably unsubtle?” The American Conservative’s Ben Sixsmith commented. “You’d think an experienced, bestselling novelist could cleverly allude to his politics rather than beating you over the head with them like a crowbar.”

It gets worse from there.

The American Thinker reported that the “villains in ‘Holly’ are predictable. The antagonists are a husband and wife who are racist, anti-vax, old, and white. The protagonists of the book are equally predictable. They are all women, minorities, homosexuals, or some combination of the three. Lastly, King’s treatment of Christians is beyond scurrilous. He writes in ‘Holly’ of a vegan black lesbian who is victimized by her Christian family on religious grounds for not eating meat.”

“This ‘sin,’ King claims, is so dishonorable that several members of the family’s Church gang-rape the black lesbian,” The American Thinker added. “When the black lesbian aborts the resultant baby, her family disowns her completely.”

This is a prime example of woke extremism and the politics-induced mental illness that’s been inflicted on millions, destroying art.

Stephen King was so desperate to express his leftist politics, that he turned the novel into a “woke” nightmare.

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