The United States military is facing a mental health crisis and Joe Biden could care less

Joe Biden’s treatment of the U.S. military is disgraceful.

Biden has barely been in the White House a year and already our defenses are down.

And now the United States military is facing a mental health crisis and Joe Biden could care less.

In the third quarter of 2021, 163 service members committed suicide, which is a far larger number than number of service members who have died from COVID since the start of the pandemic.

Yet Joe Biden continues to push the vaccine on the very men and women who fight to defend this nation’s freedoms.

According to the Pentagon’s report, suicides among active military members dropped from the second quarter to the third quarter, but they rose among National Guard members and reservists.

As of January 8, there have been 86 members of the military that have died from COVID since the pandemic started.

Every life is precious, and any death is never an easy thing for those left behind, but for Biden to focus on mandating a vaccine on our military instead of addressing the clear issue of mental health is despicable.

This past December, the military began taking disciplinary action against service members who refused to comply with the federal government’s vaccine mandate.

At last count, more than 200 Marines have been kicked out of the military for not complying.

The U.S. is weakening its military force over a vaccine and ignoring those members that may have needed serious attention for mental health problems.

This is a sad state of affairs.

These are men and women who are fighting for our freedoms and the White House can’t take the time to help them.  

No, instead they focus on mandating a vaccine that is, for the most part, unnecessary for military members.

In a report released by the Cost of War Project last summer it was stated that 30,177 American active military personnel and veterans involved in post-9/11 wars are estimated to have died by suicide.

During that time period 7,057 service members were killed in combat, so four times more members died by suicide than in combat during those years.

This is not acceptable, nor is Joe Biden and his administration pretending the issue doesn’t exist.

Just the thought alone that the military is losing members because Joe Biden is pushing a vaccine is preposterous, but it’s likely to only get worse from here.

There’s no telling what Joe Biden will do next but one thing is for sure, it won’t be something that aids our service men and women in any way.

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