The so-called “mainstream” media is pushing draconian mask mandates on Americans once again

Democrats and their Fake News Media allies are strengthening their bureaucratic stranglehold on America.

“Fifteen days to slow the spread” turned into 18 months of unconstitutional lockdowns.

And now the so-called “mainstream” media is pushing draconian mask mandates once again.

Even after the COVID-19 vaccine has been in circulation for months, the far-Left is still hellbent on keeping Americans locked down.

They said that once the vaccine was widely distributed to the public, masks would be unnecessary.

But now that over 156 million Americans are vaccinated, corporate-controlled media outlets and some doctors are now saying we may need to put the masks back on.

In a recent NBC News article by Erika Edwards, multiple doctors were quoted urging all Americans, even those who are vaccinated, to wear masks.

These highly unnecessary decrees come after a number of far-Left cities have reimplemented indoor mask mandates in their localities.

Just last week, the St. Louis County and city public health department “issued a warning about the spread of the delta variant and advised a return to masks indoors, even if vaccinated.”

This comes after Los Angeles also called for masks to be worn indoors again, citing the new threat of the delta variant.

This is the new excuse the Left uses to continue to strip Americans of their freedoms. 

First they perpetually shut down small businesses, then force a brand-new vaccine on the entire population, and now they are touting the delta variant as the next big threat to keep America masked up, even though there’s no clear data proving the delta variant is more severe than other variants.

And of course, NBC News finds leftist doctors to justify this extreme position:

“Experts say perhaps it is time to re-normalize mask-wearing for the benefit of all . . . ‘The critical people to have masks are the unvaccinated,’ said Dr. Marybeth Sexton, an assistant professor of infectious diseases at Emory University School of Medicine. ‘But sometimes I think it’s probably necessary for everybody to mask in order to accomplish that.’”

Despite the number of new COVID cases at an all-time low, leftists will find any excuse to infringe on the rights and freedoms of Americans.

After the delta variant hysteria subsides, what’s next?

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