The results are in on voters’ feelings about Biden’s Afghanistan speech and you’ll be shocked to see the results

Joe Biden is quite possibly suffering from the biggest misstep of his political career.

His complete mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has even some on the Left calling for Biden’s resignation.

And the results are in on voters’ feelings about Biden’s Afghanistan speech, and you’ll be shocked to see the results.

Not only did Joe Biden mess up the Afghanistan withdrawal so badly that some Democrats are saying he should be impeached, but he iced the cake by disappearing on vacation as the Taliban seized control of the war-torn country.

Biden was eventually forced to face the nation and give some remarks about the current situation in Afghanistan.

The speech is being described as bizarre.

Many are irate that Biden refuses to take the blame and is passing it off on Donald Trump.

Lee Carter is president of Maslansky + Partners, and in a recent interview on Fox & Friends, Carter said that Biden’s address was met with low approval.

Carter noted that the most surprising response was Democrats’ disappointment.

“For the most part, when Biden speaks, they give him the benefit of the doubt. In this case, while they did give him some credit for what he said, they were really disappointed overall with the message,” Carter said.

The polling expert said Biden’s claim that the “buck stops” with him did resonate with the majority of Democrats watching, but that Independents weren’t having it.

The Independent base being polled gave Biden an “F” grade.

“We’re not mad that he did it. We are mad instead that he pulled out the troops in this way and put them in harm’s way. So the buck does stop with him,” was the sentiment of the Independents being polled, said Carter.

It seems to be the sentiment of many voters in America right now.

In the end, Democrats gave Biden an overall grade of a “C,” while both Independents and Republicans gave the president an “F.”

By and large, almost everyone polled felt that the troop withdrawal was sloppy and that lives were lost because of Biden’s haste to get the process done.

“People want to hear what he’s going to do to fix it. There are so many unanswered questions. People have more questions left now than when he started his speech, and he didn’t address what’s most important to the American people,” Carter concluded.

Joe Biden and his team were so hellbent on just getting troops out that they neglected to look at every possible scenario.

America has been in Afghanistan for far too long, but the President of the United States should have enough intel to know that just yanking them out was a recipe for disaster.

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