The Left can’t stop lying about Ron DeSantis and it’s embarrassing

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remains under constant attack from the Left.

They understand he’s potentially a formidable Presidential candidate in 2024.

That’s why the Left can’t stop lying about DeSantis and it’s embarrassing.

Fresh off the heels of speculating that Ron DeSantis was dying of COVID, the corporate-controlled press is now accusing him of expelling a protester from a press conference due to criticism of the Governor.

And just like the COVID absence story, the protester expulsion story was a lie.

DeSantis was out of the public eye while he was attending his wife’s cancer treatments.

And the protester in question was booted from the press conference because it was for credentialed media only, and the protester was trespassing.

DeSantis wasn’t even present when the incident happened.

The Daily Wire reported, “A man was arrested for trespassing after he refused to leave a closed news conference about lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatment for only credentialed media by Jacksonville police — not at the behest of DeSantis’ team or the governor, who was not even there at the time of the incident.” 

“Before the news conference was set to begin on Tuesday,” The Daily Wire added, “a man named Ben Frazier and other left-wing protesters were asked to leave the location, since the presser was opened to credentialed media only and not the public, as per usual . . . Notably, Gov. DeSantis was not involved in asking Frazier to leave. In fact, he was not even at the location of the presser at the time of the incident . . .”

That didn’t stop the so-called “mainstream” media from smearing DeSantis.

The Independent ran with the headline: “Ron DeSantis has activists including disabled man arrested for quizzing him on Covid: ‘The governor is afraid to meet with the people.’”

A Daily Beast headline read: “Activist Handcuffed at DeSantis Presser After Calling Guv an ‘Enemy of the People.’”

This incident represents another dud fired at DeSantis.

The Democrats and their Fake News Media allies have been attempting to smear him heavily for the last two years, as he has been the best Governor in America on COVID.

The Left have smeared him as “Rona Ron” and “DeathSantis,” yet leftists continue to visit his state and enjoy its freedom.

Congress members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Eric Swalwell were both photographed in Florida without wearing masks having the time of their lives.

Florida is booming with refugees coming from blue states.

The Democrats’ targeting of DeSantis has been an utter failure.

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