The GOP just sent Mitch McConnell a wakeup call he wasn’t expecting

Mitch McConnell desperately wants his spot as Senate Majority Leader back.

In order to be top dog again, McConnell needs Republicans to sweep the 2022 midterm elections.

But the GOP just sent Mitch McConnell a wakeup call he wasn’t expecting.

McConnell’s reputation took a hard hit last week when he agreed to a two-month increase of the debt ceiling after saying for weeks that the GOP wouldn’t assist the Democrats on that issue.

Fellow Republican Senators made it clear to McConnell that they were not happy with his actions.

Many of the Senators were appalled at the way McConnell announced the deal, through a press statement, and how they had been left in the dark until the public statement was released.

The GOP is putting McConnell on notice and letting him know that he has no more room to compromise with the Democrats on raising the debt ceiling.

As The Hill reported:

“What made last week’s internal Republican fight different from previous intrafamily spats was that McConnell heard criticism from allies such as Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman Roy Blunt (Mo.), a member of his leadership team, and Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.), the top-ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee who has tried to bury the hatchet between McConnell and Trump.”

More shockingly, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, who many consider a real moderate in the GOP, voiced his displeasure with McConnell’s move.

Of course, Senator Ted Cruz, a longtime critic of McConnell, quickly voiced his opinion on McConnell’s actions.

“I believe Democratic Leader Schumer was on the verge of surrendering and then unfortunately . . . Republicans blinked. I think that was a mistake,” Cruz said on the Senate floor.

No doubt, McConnell’s moves were calculated and showed he has little regard from some of his so-called “friends” within the GOP.

While McConnell is certainly still secure in his position, this move will give a number of his former allies pause and cause many to no longer trust his actions.

And having former President Donald Trump work against him, which has been common over the last few years, doesn’t help McConnell’s cause.

Republicans will have to wait and see how Mitch decides to handle the new debt ceiling deadline that is quickly approaching at the end of November.

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