The Fake News Media simply refused to talk about the horrors of one shocking massacre

The corporate-controlled press has moved from biased to corrupt.

Outlets now manufacture news instead of presenting the news with a left-wing slant.

And the Fake News Media simply refused to talk about the horrors of one shocking massacre.

The corporate-controlled press has already moved on from the Waukesha massacre where a Black Lives Matter terrorist murdered six people and injured sixty more.

The attack came on the heels of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, which drove the Left into an insane furor.

The press spread lies about Rittenhouse while practically ignoring the Waukesha massacre altogether.

Many outlets characterized the intentional attack as a “crash” or an “accident” or blamed the car as if it were the killer Plymouth from the Stephen King novel and film Christine.

Everyone knows the Waukesha story would still be front-page news if the terrorist had been a MAGA hat-wearing Donald Trump supporter.

But because the story is inconvenient for the Left, it’s quickly fading away.

Townhall reports:

“The media is not about covering what’s happening or what’s important. Waukesha is important. More people died in Waukesha than died in Charlottesville and on January 6 combined. So if you’re going on the basis of casualties or which crime is more horrific in terms of its toll on human life, we have the answer to that. I think we have to think of the media here as sort of an illusionist on a stage. What does an illusionist do? He doesn’t show you what’s there. He shows you what he wants you to see to create a sort of hypnosis where you are taken in by the illusion. You begin to confuse the illusion for reality.”

The so-called “mainstream” media don’t want to touch this story because the killer was a radicalized BLM supporter, there was no “weapon of war” involved in the mass murder, the victims were not part of a marginalized group, and the killer had been released on low bail (despite an extensive violent criminal past) by one of the left-wing DAs popping up across the country supported by George Soros.

Far-left prosecutors are so obsessed with the communist concept of “equity” that they’re enthusiastic about letting out career criminals if it lessens racial disparities.

A sane person would lock people up based on behavior, but leftists are in a cult with an entirely different worldview.

And the media are giving that bizarre worldview a signal boost.

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