The Biden administration just put parents in the crosshairs with a truly disturbing move

The Biden administration is getting very authoritarian very quickly.

Even Biden has questioned the constitutionality of his own actions before following through regardless.

Now the Biden administration is putting parents in the crosshairs with a truly disturbing move.

Donald Trump shined a light on the neo-Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory, and the Left has been scrambling ever since.

First, they argued that CRT didn’t exist and it was simply “racial sensitivity training.”

Then the Left pivoted to CRT being an arcane legal theory only taught at the university level.

Finally the Left acknowledged that CRT was being implemented, but it was merely an “accurate” accounting of history and it was a positive thing.

But after parents and employees across the country learned about CRT themselves, they rejected it.

And now the Biden administration is responding by siccing the FBI on parents who speak out against CRT at school board meetings.

The FBI has been under severe scrutiny over the past few years.

The agency had its fingerprints all over the Russiagate hoax – one FBI lawyer already pleaded guilty to altering documents to secure a FISA court warrant in order to surveil the Trump campaign.

The feds were also heavily involved in the planning of the botched attempt to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The FBI’s role was only uncovered because the lead agent on the operation was charged with domestic violence.

So there is ample reason for Americans to be skeptical of the FBI getting involved with contentious school board meetings.

Parents don’t want their children being indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda, and for their defiance, the FBI will be breathing down their necks.

This might be the most authoritarian move the Biden administration has made in nine short months.

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