The Biden administration is aiming to reinstall one insane Obama-era campus policy

Joe Biden is making a mess of the country.

He’s reversing all of Donald Trump’s effective policies.

Now the Biden administration is aiming to reinstall one insane Obama-era campus policy.

People feared that Joe Biden’s Presidency would simply be Barack Obama’s third team.

So far, that appears to be what’s happening.

Biden’s latest reversal of Trump’s policies is to reinstall the Title IX guidelines regarding sexual assault claims on college campuses.

The “Dear Colleague” from the Obama administration essentially created kangaroo courts on college campuses where students could be expelled simply on the basis of allegations.

Breitbart reports:

The Biden Education Department announced Friday it will begin the rulemaking process for overturning the Trump administration’s Title IX rule on campus sexual harassment in April, one month earlier than originally planned.

Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said in a statement:

“Today’s step reflects the Department’s commitment to work as speedily as possible toward appropriate and effective regulation in recognition of the importance of ensuring equal access to education for all students and addressing the threat to equal access posed by all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment.”

The Title IX kangaroo courts resulted in male students getting expelled even though text messages showed that their accusers lied.

The Title IX guidelines from the Obama era completely undermine due process.

Crimes as serious as sexual assault should not be adjudicated by administrative tribunals on college campuses, but that’s what happened.

Betsy DeVos, Education Secretary under Trump, restored due process to college campuses, and she was ripped up and down by the Left for it.

College campuses have become absurdly radical, so there’s no telling how outrageous the new tribunals will become.

The new guidelines will supposedly cover “gender identity discrimination,” so that can be used by activists in all sorts of disturbing ways.

For example, “misgendering” someone could be grounds for termination or expulsion.

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