The Biden administration could be planning a disturbing police takeover

The Democrat Party has moved wildly to the Left.

They’ve attempted to ram through unpopular – and even outright unconstitutional – policies.

Now the Biden administration could be planning a disturbing police takeover.

The Biden administration has essentially turned the War on Terror inward on “far-right extremists.”

But everyone is considered “far-right” to the Left, even mainstream conservative commentators.

That’s why Democrats and their media allies are so eager to take Tucker Carlson off the air – two California members of Congress even tried to strong-arm cable providers to drop Fox News.

And the Capitol Hill riot was the pretext the Democrats needed to expand their attacks on the Right.

The Capitol Police announced that they are still in pursuit of hundreds of protesters and rioters from January 6, and they’re opening additional field offices.

A Capitol Police press release stated:

“The USCP has enhanced our staffing within our Dignitary Protection Division as well as coordinated for enhanced security for Members of Congress outside of the National Capitol Region. The Department is also in the process of opening Regional Field Offices in California and Florida with additional regions in the near future to investigate threats to Members of Congress.”

Adding more federal law enforcement offices is a clear sign that the establishment wants more top-down control.

Also, the Democrats’ “defund the police” rhetoric has demoralized police officers and triggered a wave of resignations and early retirements.

The demoralization is functioning as an effort to purge any law enforcement officers who might harbor “anti-woke” views and strongly disagree with the capitulation to Black Lives Matter and Antifa extremists.

The Department of Justice has also opened inquiries into civil rights violations in police departments, namely Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed.

The Democrats don’t want to defund the police – they want to control the police.

They don’t want local law enforcement disregarding unconstitutional gun laws and creating Second Amendment sanctuaries.

What Democrats can’t do at the local level they try to enforce at the national level.

A 100-page Senate report on January 6 concluded that there were major security failures that led to the riot, as evidenced by peculiar videos of Capitol Hill police letting protesters into the building en masse.

As is the case with many federal agencies, the more they mess up, the more funding and power they get.


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