The army just released one unbelievably “woke” recruitment video

Leftist politics have seeped into every nook and cranny of society.

Not even the armed forces are safe.

And the army just released one unbelievably “woke” recruitment video.

The CIA recently released a “woke” recruitment ad, which suggested perhaps the country had reached peak wokeness.

But the army stepped in and upped the ante with their own progressive ad.

In the video, a corporal named Emma Malonelord narratives an animated video chronicling her journey into the army as the daughter of two lesbian mothers.

The video doesn’t contain as many “woke” clichés as the CIA ad, but the progressive message is loud and clear.

Why the army and the CIA feel the need to wade into the culture war is anyone’s guess.

The armed forces recently picked a fight with Fox News host Tucker Carlson because he called out the military for focusing on culture war issues instead of being the most lethal fighting force possible.

The army shouldn’t be about progressive politics, but progressivism is the only religion that’s allowed to be propagated everywhere.

When institutions like the CIA and the Army wade into the culture war, alarm bells should go off.

Carlson and other commentators have pointed out that the word “racism” began to appear incessantly in news stories around the time of Occupy Wall Street.

Political and banking malfeasance unified the country against the unscrupulous elites, and then suddenly the corporate-controlled press ramped up the culture war.

Beating back wokeness is incredibly important – it’s an evil doctrine rooted in Marxism that aims to tear apart the country.

But Americans shouldn’t lose sight of the corrupt establishment politicians and institutions that are using wokeness to deflect from their failures.

The elites failed the country, and Joe Biden’s return to business-as-usual politics further illustrates their failure.

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