The AP is catching heat again for calling these people “activists” despite obvious attacks on innocent people

Everyone knows the corporate-controlled press is in the back pocket of the Democrat Party.

The so-called “unbiased media” has become famous for censoring stories that paint the current administration in a bad light.

And now the AP is catching heat again for calling these people “activists” despite blatant attacks on innocent people.

Back in July, the Associated Press published an article referring to the perpetrators of an incendiary balloon attack as “Pro-Hamas activists.”

Needless to say, the backlash was swift and fierce.

One would think this incident has the AP thinking twice about how they refer to known terrorists, but that just isn’t the case.

On Tuesday, the AP again referred to individuals who launched an incendiary balloon attack on Israel from Gaza as “activists.”

In the article, the AP highlighted the closure of the Egyptian border with Gaza amid increasing tensions with the terrorist group Hamas. Still, the outlet refused to refer to them as terrorists.

“Activists in the Gaza Strip on Monday launched incendiary balloons into southern Israel, setting off at least three fires across the border, Israel’s national fire service said. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the balloon launches, but in a statement on Sunday, Hamas and other militant groups pledged ‘to continue our popular activities without hesitation or retreat,” the AP wrote.

The article also referred to a “Palestinian activist who shot an Israeli sniper in the head at point-blank range.”

Another AP story this week referred to the balloon launchers as “Hamas-backed Palestinian activists.”

The “political spin” from the AP is abhorrent.

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz called the acts obvious terrorism.

“Israel continues to be under a constant barrage of attacks. Some may want to call themselves activists, but their intention is terror. Any reasonable person would conclude these are terrorists. Perhaps they think they can put a political spin to it, but sending firebombs across the border is terrorism,” Chaffetz said.

The article went viral quickly, with many in the Twittersphere blasting the AP for the clear support of these acts of terrorism.

One person tweeted, “They’re community organizers. For the arsonist community,” a statement that harkens back to Barack Obama’s days as a “community organizer.”

Another Tweet asked, “Really @AP? Are the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda also just ‘activists’?”

The AP‘s continued spin on Hamas clearly indicates where the outlet has placed its support.

One would like to believe that the “media outlet” covering for known terrorists wouldn’t stay afloat, but in the current liberal climate, it’s unlikely the AP will ever suffer for its actions.

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