Texas Governor Greg Abbott just made one move that has rabid leftists frothing at the mouth

The Democrats have taken a shocking radical turn.

They don’t even pretend to be moderates anymore.

And Texas Governor Greg Abbott just made one move that has rabid leftists frothing at the mouth.

A few Republican Governors have been at the forefront of beating back the bad ideas from the Left.

Donald Trump showed Republicans that they had to be willing to engage in the culture wars.

Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott is fighting back against the ever-increasing radicalism of the Democrat Party.

Abbott recently signed a bill into law that protected girls’ sports from biological males competing in them.

The issue went national when two transgender track and field athletes in Connecticut dominated every event in the girls’ league after transitioning.

Their run of dominance only ended after one defaulted at the start of a race.

The Post Millennial reports:

“On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 25 into law, which separates school sports teams by a student’s biological gender. HB 25 requires that students play on sports teams determined by the gender listed on their birth certificate.”

The Left has gone so radical on the issue of gender that laws like this have become necessary.

At some point, a male is going to transition and play in popular professional women’s sports and dominate.

It’s already happened in weightlifting and cycling, but it has not yet occurred in basketball or soccer.

The Post Millennial continued:

“The new law also goes a step further than rules set forth by the University Interscholastic League, which is the organization that governs Texas school sports. Current UIL rules say that students must perform on teams that align with the gender on their birth certificate, but they accept modified birth certificates. HB 25 requires the birth certificate being used to have been issued at or around the time of birth of the athlete, meaning that birth certificates altered to reflect a person’s chosen gender ID will not be accepted.”

The Left went predictably haywire.

They’ve gone insane on the issue of identity.

Dave Chappelle, once an icon of the Left, has been attacked mercilessly by the corporate-controlled press and even colleagues for his standup special The Closer.

White House spokesman Ike Hajinazarian said:

“This hateful bill in Texas is just the latest example of Republican state lawmakers using legislation to target transgender kids — whom the president believes are some of the bravest Americans — in order to score political points.”

This has become the talking point of the Left.

Anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda is being “hateful.”

Hopefully Abbott and other Republicans don’t blink in the culture war because that is what has allowed the Left to gain so much footing politically.

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