Terrible policies are putting lives in danger in one major American city

Democrats are proving that chaos reigns when they’re in power.

Joe Biden’s disastrous administration is a perfect illustration.

Now terrible policies are putting lives in danger in one major American city.

Austin, Texas is a blue island in a state that’s solid red outside of the growing metropolises.

Unfortunately, leftists leaving blue states are taking their politics with them.

As a result, Austin is nearly as left-wing as San Francisco.

And the consequences of Democratic leadership in the city are rises in homelessness and crime.

It’s gotten so bad that Austin PD announced it will be scaling back responses to 911 calls.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports:

“The Austin Police Department is saying it won’t be responding to non-life threatening 911 calls.  Starting Friday, Austin’s sworn police officers will no longer be responding in person to non-emergency calls because of severe staffing shortages, APD announced. The announcement comes after the Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies Organization in Houston warned residents that if they were “robbed, raped or shot” to “hold their breath and pray” because they might not have the personnel to respond.”

Austin and other deep-blue cities have spent the past two years demonizing police officers, and even Democrats at the national level have embraced rhetoric such as “defund the police.”

Of course, they don’t actually want to defund the police – they want to control the police and purge ideological dissent.

However, the radical rhetoric has led to shortages in the midst of rising violent crime rates.

The Austin City Council cut $150 million out of the department’s budget.

The budget shortfall has led to no new academy classes, which means no new officers are being hired to fill in the gap.

However, the department is shelling out big money to the “woke” victimhood industry.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph continued:

“While the APD has recently begun to resume cadet classes, it will take a while to get new officers on the streets. The city is paying more than $10,000 per day, with a maximum of $580,000 per year, to Joyce James Consulting to provide an “anti-racism” Critical Race Theory-based curriculum for a “reimagining public safety campaign.”

So CRT grifters are lining their pockets while Austinites are being made to suffer.

This is precisely what happens when leftists take over.

The people at the top and all of their cronies line their pockets and keep their government posts while everyone else is made to suffer.

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