Ted Cruz just asked one question that left the Deep State panicking

Trump may be out of the White House but the Deep State is still after conservatives.

Ted Cruz is trying to get the bottom of their corruption.

And he asked one question that left the Deep State panicking.

The trumped-up events of January 6 have been insanely politicized by Democrats.

They’re using it as a political weapon to hurt Republicans and try to stop a run by President Trump in 2024.

Suspicious circumstances around January 6 make it look like the FBI could have been involved in provoking the events that day.

Ray Epps was captured on numerous videos trying to instigate the crowd into the Capitol.

Afterwards he was quickly identified and placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted for January 6.

But mysteriously Epps was removed from the list while others were charged with felonies for simply “trespassing” in the Capitol building.

Why wasn’t Epps, who was clearly caught on tape inciting Trump supporters, charged?

Revolver News’ reporting on Epps made the connection that by avoiding charges that he and other unindicted suspects could have been working for the FBI.

During a hearing before a Senate Committee on January 6, Ted Cruz took no prisoners questioning FBI National Security executive Jill Sanborn about Epps.

Cruz asked Sanborn, “How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6?”

Sanborn responded, “Sir, I’m sure you can appreciate that I can’t go into the specifics of sources and methods.”  

Cruz again pressed her saying, “Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events if January 6, yes or no?”

“Sir, I can’t answer that,” Sanborn replied.

“Did any FBI agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on January 6?” he asked.

“I can’t answer that, sir,” she replied. 

Cruz asked, “Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on January 6?”

Sanborn delivered the same evasive response, “Sir, I can’t answer that.”

Cruz questioned her about Ray Epps and his role in January 6 and again she delivered a non-answer.

Refusing to answer simple yes or no questions on the FBI’s involvement in January 6 confirms suspicions about their role.

This is the government’s latest attempt to avoid answering about its involvement in the events of that day.

Congressman Thomas Massie asked Attorney General Merrick Garland who also refused to answer a question about FBI involvement.

Cruz redeemed himself after Tucker Carlson attacked him for referring to January 6 as “terrorism” with his pointed questions.

Conservatives are now left with even more suspicion about what exactly the FBI’s role in January 6 was. 

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