Ted Cruz has had it with the media’s obsession over this issue

With Donald Trump no longer in the White House, the liberal media seems to have little to talk about these days.

Given the “so-called” mainstream media doesn’t dare speak ill of the current President, their talking points are becoming more and more sparse.

And now Ted Cruz has had it with the media’s obsession over this issue.

While the media may not have Trump to pick on these days, they have found a few new targets, and Ted Cruz is undoubtedly one of them.

Recently, Senator Ted Cruz took a trip, or at least attempted to take a trip to Cancún with his family.

The timing was unfortunate as his trip coincided with a massive ice storm that hit Texas and left thousands without electricity and water.

The media has since had a field day with Cruz’s family trip to Cancún.

Cruz faced the Left’s wrath for having been spotted with his family boarding an airplane en route to Cancún.

And Cruz quickly returned to Texas cutting his trip short after the media firestorm erupted.

Even People magazine got in on the action with a headline declaring, “Ted Cruz Really Did Fly to Cancún amid Deadly Texas Winter Storm.”

Recently, in an interview with Sean Hannity, Cruz said he believes the “media is suffering from Trump withdrawal.”

“I think the media is suffering from Trump withdrawal where they’ve attacked Trump every day for four years. They don’t know what to do. So they obsess over my taking my girls to the beach,” Cruz stated.

Cruz went on to tell Hannity how appalling it is that the media continues to not just ignore, but in some cases cover-up the Cuomo scandal in New York, yet there are endless reports on his non-issue trip to Cancún.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is being investigated for hiding thousands of deaths, but to the left-wing media, that just isn’t important.

Clearly, a Senator taking his family on a long-planned vacation is far more important than any type of death count cover-up.

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