Ted Cruz had the perfect response to the Fake News Media trying to start a GOP civil war

Joe Biden bungled America onto the brink of World War III.

And – as usual – the Fake News Media is running cover for Biden and the Democrats.

But Ted Cruz had the perfect response to the Fake News Media trying to start a GOP civil war.

Left-wing CBS troll Robert Costa ventured to the Conservative Political Action Conference to try and start trouble and distract from Joe Biden’s failures to try and make the story all about Donald Trump.

Recently, Trump mocked Joe Biden’s weakness on Ukraine and claimed that Biden made it easy and cheap for Putin to seize Ukraine.

Costa and other Fake News Media activists cast Trump analyzing the situation as Trump praising Putin in an effort to revive the Russian collusion hoax.

At CPAC, Costa pigeonholed Cruz and asked the Texas Senator “In recent days former President Trump has said Putin is ‘pretty smart.’ He said he’s been ‘savvy’ when it comes to this whole episode and crisis. Do you agree with the former President’s assessment of Putin?”

Cruz refused to take the bait and kept the focus where it belonged – Joe Biden’s failure and Vladimir Putin seizing on Biden’s weakness to launch a ground war in Ukraine.

“Well, unfortunately, Putin is playing Joe Biden on the world stage, and it is a bad outcome for everyone. You know, I do every week a podcast it’s called “Verdict with Ted Cruz”, the latest podcast is an in-depth analysis of what’s happening in Ukraine, why that happened. What’s happening in Russia. One of the things I go into the speech that Putin gave just a few days ago. It was an hour-long speech and it’s chilling, chilling to read. Because Putin is a KGB thug, he is a mega maniacal maniac . . .” Cruz responded.

Costa would not let go of his anti-Trump narrative and tried again.

“But is President Trump’s choice of words on Putin problematic or not?” Costa asked a second time.

Cruz pushed back and told Costa he was on to his game of trying to get Republicans to criticize one another in order to help the Democrats.

“Listen, there’s lots of things present in terms of foreign policy,” Cruz responded. “Look, I get the press always wants to get Republicans fighting amongst each other.”

Costa tried one more time and Cruz shut him down noting that it was Donald Trump who put in place the Nord Stream 2 pipeline sanctions that Joe Biden disastrously lifted, which Putin saw as a major sign of weakness.

“There are lots of things President Trump says that I wouldn’t say and his rhetoric, I with some regularity disagree with,” Cruz stated. “But if you actually look at policies, who actually stood up to Russia, it’s not even close. Donald Trump signed into law the sanctions that I wrote to stop Nord Stream II . . .”

Joe Biden is the President right now.

War in Europe broke out on his watch.

Biden owns this failure.

The corporate-controlled media understands this fact and is trying to make the story about Donald Trump’s comments to try and distract from Biden’s bungling in foreign policy.

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