Ted Cruz gave Republicans one piece of advice that left Joe Biden trembling with fear

House Republicans are gearing up to investigate Joe Biden next year.

The scandal-plagued Biden Presidency has plenty of targets. 

And Ted Cruz gave Republicans one piece of advice that left Joe Biden trembling with fear.

Republicans retaking control of the U.S. House after their victory in the Midterm elections means that accountability is coming for President Joe Biden.

House Republicans will have the ability to carry out investigations, and the power to subpoena witnesses and evidence.

One of the top targets for investigation is Hunter Biden and his influence-peddling operation that used his father’s political position to land shady, but lucrative, foreign business deals.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave House Republicans some surprising advice on investigating the Biden crime family on his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz.

He said that the focus should be on going after President Biden, whom he called the “Godfather,” rather than focusing solely on Hunter.

“The focus needs to be on Joe Biden – this is not about Hunter Biden, any more than if you’re going after the mafia and you catch some low-level enforcer, or you’re going after a drug cartel and you catch some mule who swallowed balloons full of heroin,” Cruz said.

The evidence is mounting that Joe Biden was a central figure in the Biden crime family’s shady foreign business deals.

“It’s not about the poor schlub who got caught,” Cruz said. “It’s about the boss.”

An anonymous former business partner of Hunter Biden has come forward to Congressional Republicans to allege that President Biden was on a conference call for a Latin American gambling site run by his son.

During the conference call, the elder Biden asked when the business would become profitable, and other pointed questions about the gambling business’s operations, according to the whistleblower.

“It’s about ‘the big guy,’” Cruz explained. “It’s about the Godfather, Joe Biden is the Godfather. He is the one who ultimately is profiting on this corruption.”

“He is the one who is abusing official authority to further the criminal activity of his family members,” he continued. “And that’s why this is an issue of public corruption.”

The corporate-controlled media and Democrats want to use Hunter Biden’s numerous personal scandals, like drug abuse and prostitution, as a distraction from the real issue of potential corruption by the President, according to Cruz.

Senator Cruz said that the Biden Department of Justice “desperately” wants the House Republican investigation to be centered on Hunter Biden’s personal problems.

“There is now growing evidence of corruption from Joe Biden himself, when he was Vice President of the United States,” Cruz stated. “And now when he’s President of the United States, personally enriching himself, enriching his family by selling official favors to enemies, hostile foreign governments — that is an issue of highest importance.”

Joe Biden is staring down investigations into his family from multiple House committees.

In anticipation of the investigations, the Biden White House is preparing a war room to “fact-check” Republicans’ findings.

The Biden crime family’s foreign business deals will be under a white-hot spotlight during Congressional hearings next year.

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