Teachers’ unions are showing their worthlessness with one ridiculous move

Government school COVID policies have been an utter disaster.

Parents and kids are anxious to get back to normal, but the COVID regime won’t let them.

And teachers’ unions are showing their worthlessness with one ridiculous move.

Government-controlled education is finally on trial.

All of the rosy assumptions about government schools and teachers’ unions are being challenged, and that phenomenon was made abundantly clear in Virginia where Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin took down former Governor and DNC chair Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin won because he ran on ending ridiculous COVID restrictions and stamping out the neo-Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory in K-12 education.

But now unions and teachers are pushing to go back to remote learning, something that’s wildly unpopular with parents.

USA Today reports:

“School districts across the nation are temporarily closing or switching back to remote learning as school administrators struggle with empty classrooms, driverless buses and understaffed cafeterias caused by widespread teacher exhaustion, coronavirus concerns and the Great Resignation.”

Parents’ heads must explode when they hear about how teachers are exhausted, particularly when many schools have either been closed or assigned to remote learning.

Meanwhile, schools in other countries never locked down to begin with.

American students are lagging far behind their peers in the rest of the world because of the drastic loss in education during the pandemic.

The full effects of such policies on government-controlled education won’t be known for years.

USA Today continued:

“Administrators acknowledge the last-minute schedule changes are forcing parents to scramble their own plans, and it’s the latest obstacle for students trying to make up missed learning following widespread pandemic school closures. Experts say missing more school means some kids, particularly those from low-income families, will fall even further behind their peers.”

Democrats claim to care so much about the poor and disadvantaged, but in reality, they only care about power.

The teachers’ unions are beholden to the Democrat Party and vice versa.

The unions’ jobs are to protect teachers and have as many dues-paying members as possible.

The corrupt bargain between the unions and the Democrat Party are precisely why Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers was working with the Biden administration to set public health guidelines.

Weingarten and the AFT know nothing about public health.

Their involvement in the process was purely political, and more parents are beginning to see it.

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