Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary revealed this ugly truth about life under Joe Biden

Photo by Andrew Scheer, CC0,, via Wikimedia

Joe Biden is presiding over one of the worst economies in decades.

He’s made life immeasurably worse for most Americans. 

And Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary revealed this ugly truth about life under Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden is touting “Bidenomics” – his economic agenda – on the campaign trail as he seeks a second term.

He and his media allies falsely claim that prices are coming down after the worst inflation in 40 years.

The economy is in the middle of a “Biden boom,” according to Democrats, but voters aren’t buying it.

Inflation and the cost of living still rank at the top of concerns for voters in polling.

O’Leary Ventures chairman Kevin O’Leary – one of the stars of ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank – explained that the free money from the government created the inflation crisis during an appearance on NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live.

O’Leary, known as Mr. Wonderful on TV, said the stock market’s performance and the low employment rate don’t capture the reality facing many Americans in the Biden economy.

“Inflation has gone up way higher than wage growth,” O’Leary said. “It’s hard to live in America when the average salary is $62,000, and core inflation and all the things you need to live are still up over 30%.”

TV’s Mr. Wonderful said to forget all the statistics surrounding the economy and focus on the heart of it, how far will an individual’s dollar go and their quality of life.

He pointed to reckless Biden spending bills like the wildly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act and the infrastructure bill for injecting more than $2 trillion of “free helicopter money” into the economy, which helped drive inflation.

Biden kicked off the inflation crisis by spending more than $2 trillion on wasteful pandemic stimulus with the American Rescue Plan after he entered office in 2021.

That jump-started the worst inflation in four decades.

Even Democrats like former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers blamed Biden for unleashing inflation with the American Rescue Plan.

O’Leary said that essentials like housing, food, and gasoline have seen some of the biggest price increases since the pandemic.

The rising cost of the essentials has put a squeeze on households that have seen their paychecks fail to keep up with rising prices.

Ronald Reagan asked voters if they were better now than they were four years ago under President Jimmy Carter during a debate in the 1980 Election.

Carter was trounced in a historic defeat.

Joe Biden is terrified of voters asking themselves the same question before they head to the polls in November.