Senator Rand Paul called out Fauci and the Left for being the catalyst behind vaccine hesitancy

Joe Biden and the Democrats want you to believe that it’s all the Republicans’ fault that some Americans are refusing the COVID vaccine.

Of course, they refuse to take into account their own actions and total mismanagement of messaging.

And now Senator Rand Paul is calling out Fauci and the Left for being the catalyst behind vaccine hesitancy.

It’s unlikely Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci will be celebrating Christmas together.

The Senator and Chief Medical Adviser to the President don’t get along very well and that’s putting it mildly.

Senator Paul has become a hero to many on the Right for his takedowns of the power hungry Fauci and Paul’s not done yet.

In a recent interview with Breitbart Daily News, Senator Rand Paul said he believes vaccine hesitancy among Americans is the fault of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Left.

“The vaccine hesitancy, I think, is mostly a response to misinformation that you have gotten from Fauci and others,” Paul said.

The Left has bumbled vaccine messaging every step of the way and Joe Biden mandating it has only made some Americans push back even harder.

“I think hesitancy is coming from the misinformation of the big-government types,” Paul continued.

Anthony Fauci has made this about him and his power over the American people, he doesn’t care about anyone’s health, he cares about his fame.

Quite frankly, it’s downright criminal what is being done by the Left in the name of “COVID protocol.”

Patients are being denied breathing treatments because they don’t meet “COVID protocol” and getting lifesaving monoclonal antibodies requires an individual to push their way through a myriad of government red tape.

Senator Paul continued on, discussing monoclonal antibodies and how Fauci is trying to prevent people from getting them.

“I also mention in every speech I give that monoclonal antibodies will save your life, but you have to get them before you get too sick or Dr. Fauci will deny you care because the government directs all things COVID. If you get admitted to the hospital, they won’t give you any of the monoclonal antibodies. So you have to be very, very aware of what the different rules are if you get COVID or your parents or grandparents get it because you have to wind your way through the government labyrinth rules.”

Fauci is handing down edicts and gets enjoyment out of putting ridiculous mandates in place that stop some individuals from receiving lifesaving treatment.

This is not about safety.

“The people who gravitate to public health are people [and] doctors who are content to work for government. They’ve never really been in business, and their first impulse is to try to stop a disease by controlling the people,” Senator Paul concluded.

Americans need to wake up to what is really happening here.

Lives are being lost because Dr. Anthony Fauci has a superiority complex.

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