Ron DeSantis made this epic move that sent Gavin Newsom into a frenzy of rage

Photo by Barion McQueen on Pexels (free to use)

California Governor Gavin Newsom is always trying to take cheap shots at Ron DeSantis.

He learned one important lesson about dealing with the Florida Governor.

And Ron DeSantis made this epic move that sent Gavin Newsom into a frenzy of rage.

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ political star power has grown, Democrats have ramped up their attacks on him.

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has increasingly taken shots at DeSantis, including the laughable claim that freedom is somehow under assault in the Sunshine State.

Newsom recently traveled to Florida where he met with activists, students, and faculty of New College, a state-funded liberal arts college, after Governor DeSantis cleared out the school’s extremely “woke” board of trustees.

New College strayed from its mission of higher education to force Marxist indoctrination on its students.

Governor Newsom melted down over DeSantis’ decision to set the college on the right path.

“Last week, I went to New College in Florida — ground zero for what the @GOP are trying to do to education in this country,” Newsom whined on social media. “Take a moment to watch this. Books are banned. Speech is limited. Faculty are scared. Students are bullied. This is just a small dose of what’s to come.

Governor DeSantis’ team fired back at the California Governor, and other Democrats who’ve attacked the Sunshine State with an epic response.

They sent digital postcards to other Democrat Governors that touted “Florida’s freedom,” and the staggering number of new residents who fled “lockdowns, vaccine mandates and devastating school closures” during the pandemic.

U-Haul ran out of trucks in California because so many people were moving out of the state last year.

“Dear Democrat Governors, now that your boss in the White House has finally admitted COVID is over, we wanted to send an update on the new Florida residents who fled your disastrous policies since the pandemic began,” the digital postcard said. “Without your lockdowns, vaccine mandates and devastating school closures, our new residents have been greatly enjoying the restored freedoms.”

President Joe Biden finally signed an end to COVID-19 emergency after he declared that the pandemic was over last summer in order to boost Democrats’ chances in November’s Midterms.

“We know you also enjoyed a taste of Florida’s freedom on your own lockdown getaway here,” the video said in a shot at Newsom.

The digital postcard jabbed Democrat Governors for sending their residents fleeing to Freedom First states, like Florida.

“But unlike you, your former residents are staying for good,” the postcard added. “Perhaps the millions of illegal migrants you’re encouraging to come across the border can find a new home in your alleged sanctuary. We’re happy to fly them your way.”

Gavin Newsom looks like a fool for attacking Florida when the state is receiving an influx of new residents from failed Democrat-controlled states like California.

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