Ron DeSantis lowered the boom on Karine Jean-Pierre with this epic truth bomb

Ron DeSantis doesn’t back down from a fight with the Biden regime.

He took the gloves off with his latest move.

And Ron DeSantis lowered the boom on Karine Jean-Pierre with this epic truth bomb.

President Joe Biden’s border crisis is turning every state into a border state.

Florida is seeing a growing number of illegal aliens entering the state via boat.

A national park in the Florida Keys was shut down after 500 illegal aliens landed over New Year’s weekend. 

Local law enforcement and the Border Patrol were overwhelmed by the surge in illegal aliens.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stepped up, and activated the National Guard to assist with the alarming influx of illegal aliens.

DeSantis is doing the job that the Biden regime refuses to do in order to secure his state’s border.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to take a shot at Governor DeSantis for deploying the National Guard, calling it a “political stunt” during a recent press briefing.

“We have seen Governor DeSantis do political stunts,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “That is how he perceives to fix this issue from Florida.”

Jean-Pierre melted down when DeSantis flew volunteer illegal aliens from Texas to the upscale left-wing elitist paradise of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts last year. 

“We’re talking about people coming from countries who are dealing with political strife, who are dealing with issues where they’re trying to find asylum,” Jean-Pierre said at the time. “And he treats them like pawns.”

The overwhelming majority of asylum cases are fraudulent, and most claims are rejected by federal immigration judges.

 “So we have called that out, over and over again and we will continue to do that,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

The White House Press Secretary thought she was being clever with an attack on Biden’s potential top 2024 Presidential rival.

Governor DeSantis pointed out the truth about deploying the National Guard to help with illegal aliens when he was asked about Jean-Pierre’s comments.

“Well, I think it’s interesting because the Coast Guard actually requested the state’s assistance to handle all of these vessels coming,” DeSantis said. “But what I think we’ve done, and we’ve been very aggressive across the board, at mitigated the damage from Biden’s disastrous border policy.”

The Coast Guard is under Biden’s own Department of Homeland Security.

Considering it was the Biden regime itself that asked Governor DeSantis for his state’s help, Jean-Pierre is a total buffoon with this lame propaganda attack.

DeSantis added that Florida would pick up the tab for boats abandoned by illegal aliens that land on private property in the state.

Currently, state law says the landowners have to pay to have the boat removed, and can’t let it drift off into the ocean.

“We are gonna clear the vessels free of charge for those residents because it wasn’t their fault,” DeSantis explained, before joking “maybe we’ll send the bill to Biden.”

The Biden White House continues to be utterly humiliated with their failed attacks on Ron DeSantis.

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