Ron DeSantis just showed why every Democrat is terrified he will run for President

Democrats and Republicans are already eying the 2024 Presidential campaign.

But it’s Democrats who are the most nervous.

And that’s because Ron DeSantis just showed why every Democrat is terrified he will run for President.

One of the biggest issues facing America is the two-tiered justice system where Democrats are encouraged to commit acts of political violence with little or no consequence, while Republicans face the harshest punishments possible.

Federal prosecutors eagerly drop charges against Black Lives Matter terrorists while some Trump supporters will rot in a federal gulag for up to two years before facing trial after being arrested for the events of January 6th.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) addressed this double standard by blasting President Joe Biden’s highly politicized Department of Justice, which has ignored left-wing mobs breaking federal law by staging nightly insurrections outside conservative Supreme Court Justice’s homes.

“I think that we have a rule of law in this country, and you don’t get to just have a mob descend on a Supreme Court Justice’s house or try to impede the operations of government because there may be a decision you don’t like,” DeSantis began. “That would be considered an insurrection to stop a court from functioning, and yet they seem to be able to get away with a lot more than if the shoe were on the other foot. So, I think it’s been really problematic to watch the behavior there.”

DeSantis also ripped the corporate-controlled media for ignoring the story of a deranged left-wing radical’s attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The would-be assassin sought to take Justice Kavanaugh’s life in order to influence the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, and the Fake News Media merely yawned at the story because they share the assassin’s goal of seeing the Court uphold abortion of demand.

“You had someone travel from halfway around the country to come and murder Justice Kavanaugh,” the Governor continued. “And that was like not even significant news in a lot of the mainstream media. And not only was it significant because it’s an attack on somebody’s life — they’re trying to change the outcome of decisions that they are concerned that they don’t like, and that is just totally antithetical to a rule of law.”

These comments have reminded the Left exactly why they are so afraid of Governor DeSantis running and winning in 2024.

The radical Left knows that if DeSantis was in charge of the Justice Department, federal authorities would not allow radical left-wing minions to break the law and engage in wanton acts of violence to influence political decisions.

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