Ron DeSantis just destroyed Joe Biden when DeSantis dropped this epic truth bomb

Ron DeSantis never backs down from a fight with Joe Biden.

He’s getting the upper hand against Biden’s failed regime.

And Ron DeSantis just destroyed Biden when he dropped this epic truth bomb.

Joe Biden crossed yet another grim inflation milestone when the consumer price index hit a devastating 8.5%.

Inflation is running rampant at levels not seen in over 40 years.

Even worse, inflation is rising faster than people’s paychecks, leaving families crippled.

Biden has tried to use every excuse imaginable to avoid taking responsibility for the problem he caused.

At first, he said inflation was temporary but when that lie fell apart he moved on to blaming everything on Putin. 

Ron DeSantis is never going to turn down an opportunity to go after Joe Biden.

He took no prisoners with this latest truth bomb on the Biden inflation crisis.

“I think it’s important to point out that we had the worst inflation report that this country has had in 40 years in March, it keeps going up every month,” DeSantis said.

“You know, you go back last year, they said inflation wasn’t a worry even though a lot of us were saying that this was gonna be a problem when you’re printing trillions and trillions of dollars,” he added.

DeSantis ripped Biden’s reckless actions saying the “idea that you can just do that infinitum without there being any consequences was completely foolhardy.”

He pointed out that things are worse than the official inflation rate of 8.5% because “all the things that really matter are going up significantly more than that.”

“I mean look, gasoline up about 50 percent over the last year plus used cars up 35 percent, to be able to get a used car. Gas utilities up 22 percent, meat and poultry up 14 percent, electricity up 11 percent,” DeSantis remarked.

“Staples that people need to just live a basic life are going up much higher than 8.5 percent,” he explained.

DeSantis then took aim at Biden’s war on American energy.

“And so my view would be, but we have abundant resources in this country and yet they’ve constricted that over the last year, you need to unleash that if you did that, that would make an immediate impact and I think would be something that would at least portend relief for people,” he explained.

Biden on day one of his Presidency started to do everything he could to cripple American oil.

While Biden claims to be for the working man, DeSantis destroyed that myth.

He said Biden’s inflation is “affecting people across the board really at all, all different income levels, but particularly people, you know, who are in our, our working classes.”

Inflation is becoming the biggest political issue and DeSantis exposed Biden’s massive failure on it.

Truth bombs like this are making him a political rock star with conservatives.

With more Biden failures coming, DeSantis will have plenty of opportunities to keep hitting back.  

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