Ron DeSantis got hit with a surprise that left him grinning from ear to ear

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s political career is on a meteoric rise.

DeSantis has carved out his niche in the Republican Party by always fighting the Left.

And Ron DeSantis got hit with a surprise that left him grinning from ear to ear.

Ever since Governor Ron DeSantis defied Dr. Fauci and refused to go along with tyrannical COVID mandates, the corporate-controlled media has had it out for him.

Governor DeSantis efforts to push back against Fauci’s junk science – proving that lockdowns and mandates were useless – has turned him into a rising star in the GOP.

The more popular DeSantis grows with the broader Republican Party, the more desperate the corporate-controlled press is to destroy him.

That’s because many in the media have realized that Ron DeSantis is a major threat to win the White House in 2024.

ABC’s left-wing talk show The View used to be a mandatory stop for Presidential candidates.

Not anymore.

DeSantis’ press team publicly revealed it turned down The View’s request for an interview in hilarious fashion.

Deputy Press Secretary Bryan Griffin tweeted out their response to The View, in which DeSantis’ team asks which one of the smears the show’s radical left-wing hosts hurled at DeSantis they should consider before accepting the invite.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Governor DeSantis revealed he actually had no idea his staff turned down The View.

But DeSantis explained there was no reason to deal with the left-wing corporate-controlled media anyway.

“I didn’t know that that had been declined until I saw it in the news, because I think my staff knows better than to even bring that to me,” the Governor stated. “I don’t need to be involved with some of the partisan corporate media.”

Governor DeSantis explained that the corporate-controlled media is going to do what it’s going to do, and they’ll continue to lie about him on a daily basis.

But what DeSantis won’t do is validate these lies and smears by participating.

“They’re free to say what they want. It doesn’t bother me,” DeSantis added. “But I don’t want to give any of that oxygen.”

What was important – he added – was ignoring the noise and continuing to deliver great victories for the state of Florida.

“So we’re just going to keep our nose to the ground,” DeSantis concluded. “While they’re doing whatever they’re doing, I was here working on this issue with the Soros prosecutor and also working on many, many other issues where we’re delivering results for the people of Florida.”

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