Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden a reality check that left him fuming

Ron DeSantis’ no-holds-barred battles with the Left transformed him into a conservative rock star.

He routinely humiliates the failed Biden regime.

And he gave Joe Biden a reality check that left him fuming.

Inflation is quickly becoming the biggest issue in the country thanks to Joe Biden’s reckless spending.

Americans are being crushed by 40-year highs inflation every time they set foot in a store.

Inflation is at 8.5% and it could be getting worse.

Biden has no answers for the problem he created so he’s throwing out lame excuses.

His latest excuse is to blame inflation on Putin despite the fact it was soaring before the conflict.

The regime and the corporate-controlled media have been pushing the “Putin price hike” to cover for Biden’s failures.

DeSantis gave Biden a reality check for pushing this outrageous lie.

At a press conference in Destin, Florida DeSantis explained what’s really going on with inflation.

“If you look what he did when he came in, decided to print trillions and trillions of dollars, and the result of that has been the worst inflation that we’ve seen in this country in four decades,” DeSantis said.

“It’s killing people all across the board to have to pay so much for gasoline, have to pay so much for bills, have to pay so much for food . . . and they say it’s 8.5 percent, but if you look at the things that matter, it’s gone up way more than that,” he added.

While the official inflation rate is at 8.5%, the prices of many key items have hit double digits.

Virtually every piece of produce and meat has seen a double-digit increase with some items like bacon going up 18.2%.

“They said it wouldn’t happen, then they said it was just a blip, and now they’re trying to blame Putin, but it’s been going up for over a year. This is a real problem,” DeSantis remarked.

“And I think the fear is, is that what like they’re going to do — monetary policy, some of this other stuff — is really going to put a hamper on the economy potentially,” he explained.

“But the reality is, if you look to three years out, there’s a not insignificant chance that Biden plunges us into a recession,” he continued.

DeSantis added that Florida is “well positioned to withstand some of that turmoil because we’ve been fortunate to draw a lot of investment.”

Thanks to DeSantis’ leadership Florida has one the hottest economies in the country and been a national leader in job growth.

DeSantis’ criticism of the Biden economy is getting some surprising support.

Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has been slamming Biden for unleashing inflation after he foolishly spent trillions on a pork filled pandemic relief bill.

Summers is also worried that the economy could be headed into a recession.

Ron DeSantis’s epic takedowns of Joe Biden will continue to build his status as a conservative star. 

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